Resilio Web access vs Resilio Web UI

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I'm evaluating Resilio Sync and plan to get the Home Pro version.

Yet  I have a question:

So I can get my documents on all devices. It works very well.

But is it possible to access them from another device, from a web interface? For instance on someone else's computer or from a cyber café ?

I did setup the WebUI by modifying the conf file but I must be missing something: I don't really see the point to remotely manage the software settings.

I can see a list of my folders but I can't open them or browse them.I mean I surely can smb:// or vnc:// but the idea is to get to those files the easiest way possible, that is through a Web interface as I can do with Plex that uses the static server IP and a specific port

Could anyone enlighten me?


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OK so I don't if I wasn't clear enough or if this is not possible but with Plex, I can access my medias on something like:


Because Plex has a dedicated port number and I get the web interface with my medias available from anywhere, and on any devices

Now with Resilio, the WebUI only returns client which allows me to manage devices. I can see my folders but I cannot open them nor can I access the files inside. 

So when one of my linked devices is not available, say abroad,  in a cyber café, for instance, how do I do to view my documents (I guess the cyber café will not have any SMB or VNC clients installed...)

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It's pretty much expected - the folders are located on a remote computer, so there is no option to open them when you'e on some third computer and remotely open the webui. There is no integration with file system for WebUI.


You can open the share list only if the the share is in Selective Sync mode. This will let you sync and remove some files to/from the share:


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sorry, but I disagree with that.

In the Web UI, you can add a folder. Then you have an interface to browse on your (remote) local file system (see attachment).
So technically it IS possible. It's just not implemented...

This would really be an added value, so please consider this to implement in next releases!


@guillaumeb: I use another tool for web access to my (remote) local file system: Tonido: free, has also a sync client (which I don't use), and a relative good webinterface for browsing. Can run as a service too. So my "server": WIN10 + Resilio + Tonido.




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@bartplessers - interesting conversation! I was looking for something of the nature to have Resilio Web Access remotely (ie. Outside my network). 


Can I ask the following:

1. Tonido suggest using URL - however would this mean you need a static IP address or purchase dynamic dns? (I've never done this before - just reading about it earlier)

2. Any security issues should consider since, now URL is accessible publicly and only needs a username/ password?

Apologies for the basic questions, am looking for a way to remote access, however don't know too much about network security/ access etc.

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