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I am running Sync 2.72 on windows 10 PC. I have several clients used as a backup; in read only mode; overwrite & archive. Some of the clients are Android. Everything seems to work, but on the Android devices I occasionally get a message "Can't download file" and the program sits at 99% complete. I cannot find what file is the problem.

How do I do this?

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I realise this is an older topic, but I am having the same issue. Fairly sure I can resolve it, but not sure what to look for in the log? I've removed & re-added the folder in question, same issue came up again, but stuck with the logs. Any suggestions, is there a particular error to look for? "can't download file' without any further details is frustratingly hard to troubleshoot!


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I had the same issue and the biggest problem is that the History page is nearly useless.  It tells me what top level folder is affected, but not the specific location of the file in question.  It would be beneficial if it would at least show the complete path of the problem file. Better yet, a clickable link to it.

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my solution is...

at only trouble equipment

"not use archive"  <- may be...... this is not chacing for rename or change...only copy from another peer   

                                     this option has risk no backup file

"use changing file overwrite" <--this is only viewing at 'read only mode' 

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