Sync Home Free - Can it Sync or Just Backup?


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I am trying out Resilio Sync

I looked at the toppic: "Files deleted on desktop won't delete on Android device", as I am having the similar problem.

My folders are set as "read & write" on Android -from there I started the sync, sent links to my PC, and synced.

However - my folders are set as "copy only" ON my PC. And the option ON PC is greyed out - I can't change it.

So - when I delete synced files on my PC - the files on the phone are not deleted.

Question: can a free version Sync files or just copy from one device to the other?

If yes - how can I change the option? Is there a bug at my installation of Sync?

Thanks, cheers,


2022-04-11_10 Rosalio Sync andro sync ANDROID.jpg

2022-04-11_10 Rosalio Sync andro sync PC.png

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Read this article for bettr understanding of "backup":

How to Back up data (Android only) – Sync (

So, if your Android-a uses "backup" to PC-d:

1. a (read/write folder), d (read-only folder)

2. changed files on a will be synchronized to d (as backup), however, deleted files on a won't be deleted from d (because d is backup);

3. changed files on d won't be synchronized back to a (because d is read-only); deleted files on d won't be deleted from a (because d is read-only).

4. you can't change an existing folder's sharing type (read/write, read-only).

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Thank you for the answer.

So - it is not a Sync - it is a back up. It would be nice if Resilio made it clear that it (Sync Home Free) can't do a synchronization of folders, but rather just a backup.

It would save me a few days of time, that I could spend on something more useful...

Thank you Eltopo for your time, unlike Resilio (for mine...)

Uninstalled, went to SynchThing - it is working as I want it...



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It's still sort of synchronization: read-only + backup sync, or one-way sync except the deletions at the Android side. 

Note that if you change files at the Android side, these changes will be sync'ed to the PC, so you can treat the PC as the backup for the latest version of the files.

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Sync can do sync, one-way or two-way: 
you can add folder to Sync on pc and share is with phone.
or do it vice versa - add folder to sync on phone, and share it with PC

Sync can do backup

select the whichever flow fits your needs.


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