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  1. I recently moved, and had no choice but Comcast as an ISP. I also have the task of syncing about 1TB of data from a client (All 4K Mov files over 200MB each) for a movie I'm doing Visual Effects for. We got him set up with BTsync, newest version (and myself) and he shared his folder with me as an owner. We are currently experiencing speeds of, at best, 64Kbps. His internet connection according to speedtest.net is about 60/30 (Fiber via Optimum in NY), and mine is 50/5 (Copper via Comcast in OR) I know Comcast is known to throttle bittorrent traffic. Would this also apply to btsync? I
  2. I would like to also express my annoyance with Bittorrent for forcing us into a free trial to try to get us dependent on pro features. It's super shady and lame. Anyways, it took me forever to find it on Linux, but for Linux the license.bin is located in /var/lib/btsync/License/somenumbers/license.bin now I just need to remember the command to restart btsync daemon... And a big ol' screw you to bittorrent for doing this. If you don't want it to be free, don't make it be free. If you do, then don't act like a drug dealer, trying to get less savvy users tricked into paying... I'm ok with