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  1. OK, now it works. I removed all the "synced" folders from Android app, deleted .sync folders in target folders on SD card, then re-added folders again.
  2. This beta didn't solve the issue for me. Just get " Cannot identify the destination folder" message near folder icon in the Android app. What I did: 1. Became a beta tester. 2. Got beta build v2.2.6. 3. Added new folder, have point it to the folder placed on SD card. 4. Got "Cannot..." message. 5. Used "SNC.DBG.SD.ENABLE" trick, reloaded the app, recreated the new sync item. 6. No difference. 7. Went to be sad. My device is Sony Z3 compact (D5803), Android v5.1.1, not rooted. Sync app is in the phone storage, not possible to move to to SD card.
  3. Same sh... in OSX 10.9 after upgrade to 1.2.68. Cannot quit the process, only Force Quit works.
  4. Just turn on "Enable Debug Logging" for a couple of time, then disable it and look in the log file.
  5. Noticed, the the battery discharges even the app is shutdowned until I forcedly stop it in App Info.
  6. I broke my brain trying to understand why all is syncing well between Mac and Android OS phone except 2 my files with the name "2 - 1 - 1B.1 What is Democracy? [16 min]"! Now I got 2 successfully synced renamed by me files and 2 continuously syncing previous files with the question marks in the names. It was only 5 files in the folder, so I can easily find where the problem is. But if somebody has many files in a lot of subfolders and don't know exactly what the files there are, they'll get just the app for a quick battery discharge. It's good idea to notify user that some files cannot be synced because of forbidden symbols in the file names. It obviously applies to Linux based OS's. Mac v1.1.82 Android v1.1.38
  7. I confirm I have a huge battery drain using this app. When I start the app, it eats about 5% of battery every hour just when it lies on the desk and it isn't any data transmission (laptop is down, only 2 local folders in the list). Process "Android OS" rises from 5-7% to 60% total. Usually the phone losts less than 1% per hour in that conditions. v1.1.38 Sony Xperia V, 4.1.2, stock OS