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  1. Hi, the file was not changed again, and renaming the file to the real file name did succeed, as I can see the last modified date being changed. And yes, that is correct. The TC file is on 9 devices, and I've seen an incorrect MD5 after succesful sync (so far only on 2 Androids). MD5 before sync was OK and the same on all devices. I will try to reproduce, but that might be hard to do.
  2. RomanZ, thanks for your reply. Timestamp was changed of course, I used this setting in TrueCrypt (as I did previously). Other evidence that the file changes were synced: I watched it on Android and saw .synctemp and .syncpart files, after the TC container got reconstructed these got removed as expected. Still, after sync MD5 is different from file on desktop. Before the change in the container they were identical. Witnessed this on 2 seperate Android devices so far. All on 1.3. I've been using this approach for a couple of months now and this did not happen before.
  3. Since updating to 1.3, I've seen files with a wrong md5 hash on my Android devices, mainly my 512MB TrueCrypt container after some small changes (yes, cleanly unmounted). This did not happen with the previous version. My setup: 4x Android, 1x NAS, 2x Win7, 1x OSX, 1x iOS.
  4. Wow, just now got the update to 1.2.12 Thanks!
  5. Not really: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bittorrent.sync&hl=en Latest version = 1.2.9
  6. When will the Android version be updated on Google Play? Current version is 1.2.12 but Google Play still has 1.2.9, which has a bug causing it to overwrite files with older versions. One of my devices can't install APK's from any source other than Google.
  7. Files are stored with 'random' filenames when using an Encrypted RO key. Exactly what encryption is used on the files? What key is used?
  8. Yes, just my personal truecrypt container. Thanks!
  9. Who can help me share a file (share will remain less than 300mb). I'll return the favor by helping you with your (comparable size) share :-) (-: Thanks, got enough help to do my testing :-)
  10. What exactly does the auto sleep setting do on Android? With this setting enabled (tried 30 minutes and 4 hours), I cannot get BTSync to work properly. It seems to sync fine at first, but after it's gone to sleep it doesn't seem to wake up anymore. Changes are not propagated to the Android device. I see it connect in the Devices tab of BTSync on my laptop, but there is not data being transferred. With auto sleep turned off everything works as expected.