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  1. Happens on both ends. Each box has 24GB ram. On average, BTSync.exe consumes 900,000 K memory. Total memory use is always under 35%, CPU under 25%. Yes, sync.log works just fine, but the debug.txt never shows any errors. To test, I blocked BTSync in Windows Firewall. That added entries to debug.txt, but the "folders loading takes a lot of time" issue never shows any errors. It's just slow.
  2. I have the same problem. I'm running Windows 2008 R2 on both ends on a LAN. 2 shared folders 1 folder with 6.1GB in 34,330 files1 folder with 1.9TB in 1,606,693 files Both client versions: 1.9.109 LAN Encription is false Disk low priority is false Force LAN TCP is missing (was this setting removed?) Debug Logs is empty with just the standard FFF
  3. I'm having the same problem with a folder that is about 1.8TB The client has been hung for 1 month just saying indexing
  4. So, Please forgive my ignorance, let me see if I understand this. Using the API I can create an encrypted secret that I can share with someone else. They enter it into their BTSync Client and my data will be stored there encrypted, but without any way to decrypt it ??? btw, where can I find more information about this outside of this thread? Thanks