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  1. I have been using BTSync for a while and still have some old folders from the v1.2/v1.4 beta time (or whatever the version was in the beginning) in case this could be relevant or help troubleshooting my issue. I never noticed any problems with my folders, but since I recently linked my devices and connected a couple of folders (now using v2.3), some inconsistencies became apparent. A couple of folders (most likely the oldest ones) only seem to only have a single "READ-ONLY" key when looking into the "Preferences > View Key" section of BTSync. However, when hovering over them with the mo
  2. I am quite disappointed about the announcement. Regarding "ready-for-prime-time" I would like to add that until now BTSync was not capable of identifying moving files. I like to think that this should have been in there from version 1.0 I haven't tested version 2.0, but if it still doesn't know how to mirror a file move from one folder to another... I seriously doubt that any company / professional would be happy with this software. Please correct me, if I am wrong, but I can't understand, how moving files is so complicated to detect (even git does this automatically).
  3. I agree that the 10-folder limit should not have been approved. It is always a bad idea to take away functionality from your users (it's like taking away your favourite toy). Now, having said that, I am happy to see that backwards compatibility will be maintained. I can't speak for the future and I don't like outdated software that is not updated anymore, but at least it seems we can keep using BTSync 1.4. I also think a better solution could have been to simply make people pay for the "added features" that you advertise, like any cloud provider charges for added storage, you should have c