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  1. I have been using BTSync for a while and still have some old folders from the v1.2/v1.4 beta time (or whatever the version was in the beginning) in case this could be relevant or help troubleshooting my issue. I never noticed any problems with my folders, but since I recently linked my devices and connected a couple of folders (now using v2.3), some inconsistencies became apparent. A couple of folders (most likely the oldest ones) only seem to only have a single "READ-ONLY" key when looking into the "Preferences > View Key" section of BTSync. However, when hovering over them with the mouse, they are shown as "Read & Write Standard Folder". The symbol also looks plain normal without the read-only indicator inside the app as well as inside Finder (I am using OS X). So far so good. Today, I linked another device with my main computer and noticed that on this machine the connected folder is shown as read-only in the Finder view. However, it still listed as a Read & Write folder inside BTSync (with the default folder icon). It obviously it also only has a "Read-only" key, same as on my main computer. When I add files on this machine, it appears they do not get synced. As I never added this as a read-only folder or want this to be the case - how can I change it? All I found is this outdated article: http://sync-help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1627229-guide-to-ui-folder-preferences- but it seems you can no longer find an "Update Key" button in the folder preferences So would I have to remove this folder and re-add it (loosing connections to other machines in the process) ? Or is there another way to "upgrade" this folder to behave just like the other ones?
  2. I am quite disappointed about the announcement. Regarding "ready-for-prime-time" I would like to add that until now BTSync was not capable of identifying moving files. I like to think that this should have been in there from version 1.0 I haven't tested version 2.0, but if it still doesn't know how to mirror a file move from one folder to another... I seriously doubt that any company / professional would be happy with this software. Please correct me, if I am wrong, but I can't understand, how moving files is so complicated to detect (even git does this automatically).
  3. I agree that the 10-folder limit should not have been approved. It is always a bad idea to take away functionality from your users (it's like taking away your favourite toy). Now, having said that, I am happy to see that backwards compatibility will be maintained. I can't speak for the future and I don't like outdated software that is not updated anymore, but at least it seems we can keep using BTSync 1.4. I also think a better solution could have been to simply make people pay for the "added features" that you advertise, like any cloud provider charges for added storage, you should have charged for new features, but not take features away and then say - look you can get them all back, for a little annual fee of $. I generally dislike the new obsession with annual fees / abo model. I can understand that you need money to develop software, but please let the user decide if he wants to pay for added features or not. Simply charging an annual fee is ridiculous. What if you (as in you, the developer) decide to stop the development? You will simply keep charging people, but there will be no more support / no more updates / no more new features. I rather pay for a new version every year and decide myself if I really need that new feature. I guess as pointed out before me, SyncThing will be welcoming everyone with open arms ....