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  1. Thanks for the pointer. Glad to hear that the issue with connecting existing folders on Android will be fixed soon. Most of the issues I listed are not dealt with in your thread, however, including the main/original issue ("cannot identify the destination folder" - on desktop, not Android).
  2. Just an addition to the issues: when I remove the share completely, the removal is not synced to other devices. I have to remove it separately on every device. When I try to add the share afresh (having removed it in the GUI and deleted the remaining .sync directory), it always shows up as before, with 0 of 0 peers and 0% progress. When I restart the application, it then shows up as containing 0 files, 0KB. I ended up moving the entire folder to a different location and adding it as a new share again. This time, BT Sync seems to recognize the data in it and is showing the correct number of files, size, and is syncing to other devices. I guess there must be some sort of cache in the application that still had the location of the old share and wouldn't remove it or overwrite it?
  3. I just ran into this error ("BitTorrent Sync cannot identify the destination folder") myself, which is pretty non-descriptive/unhelpful for the user. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the folder, but it would not connect. Specifically, the connect dialog box displayed the message "foldererror110" and clicking "ok" wouldn't do anything. I then tried removing the folder in BT Sync (but not deleting the original files) and re-adding it. It told me that the folder is owned by another Sync instance and asked if I wanted to reset ownership. I chose yes, but then the program wouldn't sync the folder - it showed 0 of 0 peers and 0% progress. I closed and reopened the program, at which point the 0% progress message went away, and it correctly showed 0 of 1 peers. My connected (Android) device, however, then showed unknown error 110. I disconnected the share on my Android device, and it loaded the new share, but automatically created a duplicate folder for it. I exited BT Sync on my Android, moved the .sync folder from the new/duplicate folder to the old one with the data, reopened the app, disconnected the share, and tried to reconnect it. In the connect dialog, I entered the existing folder (which has the data and .sync). When I tap "Add Folder," however, the share remains disconnected and there is no message/feedback from the app. I next tried exiting the app, deleting the .sync folder from the shared directory on my Android, reopening the app, and reconnecting the share using the existing directory, as above. This time, however, instead of connecting the existing share, the app created a NEW share, which then started syncing to my other devices. At this point, I'm giving up. This is beyond messed up. Why does the Android app handle folders with existing/seeded data so badly? Why doesn't BT Sync have a process to handle a corrupted folder ("cannot identify")? What's going on with all the other issues?
  4. On my QNAP TS-269L, it just sat there as well and seemed like it wasn't working. I tried reloading the page, however, and it appears that the linking did work, after all. Maybe just a UI bug?
  5. Just tried the latest (2.0.85) x86 package, and it does indeed work on my TS-269L. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the fast reply, Richard, and thanks to everyone else for chiming in, too. Initially, I did install the 2.0 package as an update to the 1.4 version I had installed. I have also, however, tried uninstalling it completely and installing it fresh, with the same results. Whenever I install the 2.0 package, I do get one notification, saying that the old configuration has been moved. I haven't tried SSHing in yet, but I can try that later. I'm a bit confused about the x86_64 thing -- isn't the Intel Atom in my model a 64-bit processor, so shouldn't I be installing 64-bit packages? I haven't seen anywhere to pick a share root directory yet, but thank you for the tip, I'll keep it in mind!
  7. I was surprised by the folder limit, too, even though I've been using the Sync 2.0 alpha and been keeping up with news about the Pro version. There was no mention of this in the original Pro announcement: It feels like a bit of a sneaky/deceptive move, to quietly pull this out with the 2.0 final release, and I'm definitely disappointed about the limit.
  8. I've just installed the x86_64 Sync 2.0.81 package on my QNAP TS-269L and, while it installs without error, it doesn't seem to run at all. When I click on the link to access the web interface, on port 14859, I can't connect. In addition, my PC's sync 2.0 client shows the NAS peer as offline. Is this package broken? Am I missing something? Thanks for any ideas!