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  1. All machines are running NTP. It would have to be a serious clock drift problem if BTSync suddenly thinks that two week old files suddenly are never than files timestamped minutes ago. Just to make sure, I rechecked all my clocks: ssh host1 'date +"%F %T.%N"'; ssh host2 'date +"%F %T.%N"'; ssh host3 'date +"%F %T.%N"' 2015-04-30 13:15:37.3458029642015-04-30 13:15:37.4863563242015-04-30 13:15:37.489242791
  2. Update. I was able to restore everything overwritten from the .sync/Archive folder, so there is a good thing. What I didn't mention i my initial bug report was that these were old 1.4 shares. I disconnected all clients, and recreated the shares as 2.0(?) shares, lets see how that works out. Also, the setup is 3 peers, Opensuse 13.1 and 13.2 on a LAN, and a Fedora 21 peer outside that (firewall/NAT). The fedora 21 peer was the one falling out of sync all the time.
  3. Same problem. I have been using btsync since December (documents and music) and lately a to sync folder with source code. Big mistake. Btsync has never really seemed to sync properly, and stops syncing frequently. Today, I needed to look at some source code on a fedora box and noticed that it hadn't synced for more than two weeks. So I restarted btsync, without it helping. BTsync still claimed everything was in sync, when it clearly wasn't. I disconnected and reconnected the share leaving the files in place. Big mistake. Every old file was copied from the stale folder to the remote fresh one