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  1. UPDATE @Helen Have sent logs for all 4 devices to the support team.
  2. Another update. This is here so the support team can reference this thread As a reminder, I’m running BTSync 2.3.3 on Freenas 9.3.1 and a Mac OSX 10.11 on the same internal network. I have the same setup on a second location. Both sets connected over internet. I'm having issues with files not syncing between the machines. I upgraded to 2.3.3 on all devices , created new freenas plugins and jails, started new the btsync and re-synced everything yesterday evening. The initial sync looked good and it seemed that most things were syncing. The speed was ok until the last few files where the speed went from MB/s to b/s. This morning not all files are copying over. New or updated files on the FREENAS seem not to make it to other systems. FOR SUPPORT
  3. Unfortunately Helen I dd not have logs set up. But I've updated the BTSync Freenas plugins from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 this afternoon and things are starting to look ok. Your team must have ironed out some wrinkles. I'll have to give it a few days and see how this does. But I will be switching on the logs on all my devices in case there are future issues. b.
  4. Update. New files created in on the FreeNAS is being picked up by both the Mac and other FreeNAS Content that has been updated (so an image files with the same name that has been changed). on the FreeNAS, is picked up by the Mac, but not the other FreeNAS
  5. Looking at the setup after a couple of days, it seems that; The two macs are syncing ok Content created on the FreeNAS system is being found synced on the macs. Content created on the Mac, is not being sent / picked up by the FreeNAS system, Strangely folders and subfolders are, but no content. b.
  6. Thanks @RomanZ That is very interesting. I will try to run this on my FreeNAS server inside a Jail on a lubuntu os. Cheers B.
  7. Hi all, I'm having major issues trying to sync files on FreeNAS. My setup is a macmini and a freenas box located on the same network central London. Also a macmini and a freenas box located in on the same network in south London. All machines run BTSync 2.3.1. Both networks have fixed IPs. Each instance of BTSync has a different port number and these ports are allowed through the firewall. All instances of btsync have the other machines as defined hosts. Just in case. and to remove any issues I run a script on the FreeNAS to make sure all file permissions are open to everybody. This will not affect modification dates. There's a lot of files to sync here; 575G comprising of 743 directories and sub-directories, 18153 files. Due to speed, space, data management and other issues, I need to use the FreeNAS raid I have instead of the macs, which will soon be needed for something else. I find that on the FreeNAS boxes I'm consistently missing odd files here and there. Only this morning I had to manually compare the mac and freenas files and folders; I found one folder on the freenas with over 9gb of files missing, although the files were sitting on the Mac on the same network. The files had been syncing for weeks. The worst thing is that updated files are not being overwritten. So you update a file on the Freenas box it can just stay there and is not synced with the other machines. It's a bit random! Now I've been running BTSync since 1.2. so have a fair idea about it, but something is wrong here and I can't get to the bottom of it. I've tried lowing the folder rescan times, Leaving them as they are. It seems that Sync broken on FreeNAS. Is it? Any ides here would be really welcomed. Cheers Bill
  8. Hi, Does BTSync on this system support any kind of file system notification? Thanks Bill
  9. Hii @AquaRelliux I too am having issues syncing two FreeNAS machines. Did you solve your issues with the two FreeNAS machines? Cheers B.
  10. Hi @Helen I'm not sure if Bittorrent Sync on FreeNAS / FreeBSD is working. I've many files just not syncing. I've set known peers with fixed IPs and ports. I've Turned off any low disk priority, lowered the folder rescan times, changed all permissions on files/folders so any user can Read / Write. It just does not work! Any ideas? Thanks b.
  11. Hi @Helen Thanks for the reply. BTSync is a great Idea. I have BTSync, running on 15 folders. All the folders are standard manual folders. A hangover from the 1.3 days. And some of my less techy colleagues understand these. Could this be an issue? The two main servers are FreeNAS machines - syncing over the internet - where I have BTSync installed in a couple of Jails. I'm trying to sync approx 6tb of data. Though this will increase in time. Other machines are macs dotted around the London, each syncing different folders from this main pool. These Macs seem to pick up files created on other Macs. I think my issue here with syncing has to be with the FREENAS boxes. In my case the reporting of data size in the web GUI IS incorrect to the data actually on the system. I am assuming that the data size in the web GUI represents the supposed size of the folder? I understand about the sizing issues you've mentioned, but I don't think they come into play here. The disparity is to great. I could start-over with fresh installs of BTSync and fresh folders on each FreeNAS system (making sure there are no .sync folders) and resync everything to see how it goes. I may do that over the weekend, then give the system time to resync and (hopefully not) speak to support if there are issues. Both folders will not be empty and will have a data inside. I think BTSync should aim "merge" the data sets so both folders on each system become the same. I'll sort out the sending of logs and hopefully you can give me some pointers. 10) Yes on mac I have 10mb Buff size. But FreeNAS is the default 128. Should I change this? A compare function that reports files between two machines would be a great addition. The reporting of what is synced / not synced so the administrator can keep a check would be really helpful I understand that the FreeNAS/FreeBSD does support kqueue that could allow BTSync to support immediate file changes on this platform. Will BTSync add this feature in the future? Many thanks b.
  12. Hi @GreatMarko Thanks for the reply 1) yes I am referring to up/down arrows in the Sending/Receiving columns? Can you confirm what the green & blue colours mean please? 2) Yes, I'll add in a feature request. It's not great having these useful columns and no info on them. 3, 5, 7) will add in feature requests 4) Size. The examples I gave were gigabytes apart in size, and i've no ignore list. Maybe this needs a thread of its own. Though I have noticed files buried in subfolders that are same name on bother servers but different timestamps which are days apart. 6) rescanning. Yes the hardware is good. i was wondering if having a 10 min scan time between intervals is to short for the program to index the files and search for updated ones on other servers before the next scan is due. I was wondering if to short a scan would keep the machine in a constant state of indexing. Just a thought. 8) on one folder I have 5 devices, though the master server is a freenas box, so if this is not telling others that the file has changes then the whole thing collapses. I'll do some more tests. 9) I've disabled the low disk (it's the default for the Freenas setting, but not the OSX) and alos the an encrypt. I was wondering about the buffer size, which again defaults are different in FreeNAS 128 (MB i think) and OSX 10 MB 10) superb, what I wanted to hear .... well, read ... Thanks
  13. I’m running BTSync 2.3.1 on two Freenas servers both in different locations, connected over internet. I have 10 questions for the gurus here. 1) I’ve read conflicting information on interweb. Please can I get a definitive answer on what the green and blue arrows represent. 2) The web GUI amongst other options, has columns showing Status, Peers Online, Receiving, Sending, Progress. Peers online is always showing how many peers online. Status Receiving, Sending and Progress columns are mostly blank. Can these be forced to show current information? 3) Can I turn off keyboard shortcuts in the web GUI? 4) Size. I have a folder synced on two servers. (The machines have been syncing over a very fast connection for a few weeks … for a short time they were on the same LAN.) On Freenas 1, the folder size (using OSX, ⌘-I) is 85gb, the BTSync web GUI for this system is showing only a size of 1.3gb. On Freenas 2, the folder size (using OSX, ⌘-I) is 107gb, the BTSync web GUI for this system is showing only a size of 44.69gb. Is there a technical reason for these web GUI showing these differences? Or at least not reporting the correct sizes. 5) How does BTSync work when indexing? Can I set indexing at a folder level so I can have priority folders? If so how is this achieved please? 6) Meanwhile, In the advanced preferences there is the feature to set the rescan time of the folder (folder_rescan_interval set at 600 - i guess seconds). What is the optimun time for this setting given what I have to sync? Here’s what is has to sync. I have 15 sub-folders, each of these sub-folders contains 30 further subfolders, each 3rd-level sub-folder containing between 80 - 150 images each. Total folder size 95gb. What I am thinking is; would a slower folder rescan be better to allow files to be transferred between the machines over the internet, before the rescan kicks in. Does this matter? 7) I understand that the FreeNAS/FreeBSD does support kqueue that could allow BTSync to support immediate file changes on this platform. Will BTSync add this feature in on FreeBSD? 8) Would it be worth be adding a mac / linux with BTSync in-between these machines to help with the sync. Would this help? 9) Both machines are on 100mb links. Are there any settings that would help a with a faster transfer? 10) Does adding an entry in the folder_defaults.known_hosts lock BTSync into only that host? Thanks in advance for any of the answers. b.
  14. Another +1 for bringing the status icons back in the main window. I thought it was a bug at first, odd that it's intentional. Why bother having a status column? Can it be brought back as a user configurable option?
  15. Hi, I have a few questions. Thanks in advance for helpful answers Q1. 1.4 to 2.2.x I have one folder that is synced with 5 other computers. One of the computers is an old OS X mac and can only run BTSYNC 1.4.111 (other versions including 2.0 seem to crash often). I would like to move to all other machines to 2.2.x. 1.1) Am I correct in thinking that I will have to use a standard folder, so the 1.4 machine will still be able sync to it? 1.2) Can a 1.4 machine link to a Pro folder? 1.3) Will the other machines running 2.2.x gain any beneficial sync speed or performance (between themselves) by running the upgraded 2.2.x ? 1.3) Running 1.4, I noticed that some files did not sync. Maybe in a folder of 70 images, sometimes 65 would sync. Has this been improved in 2.2.x ? 1.4) Do advanced folders sync faster than Standard folders Q2. Predefined hosts. Most of the machines I sync to have either fixed IPs or use a Dynamic DNS such as no.ip. 2.1) If I add in the IP numbers, do I need to know the ports? 2.2) I see you can define SYNCs listening port. Do I need to define the sending port? If so how please? 2.3) Does this matter with UPnP? 2.3) If I add in a predefined host, will SYNC search only for that host? 2.4) Does adding in the host make a big difference. Q3. Settings 3.1) Are there any settings I can change in 2.2.x to speed up syncing times? 3.2) Does switching off the Low Disk are a low priority speed up syncing. There's a fair few questions here. All answers appreciated. Thanks BG