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  1. Please share the repliy so the rest of us with the same problem can have access to the solution.
  2. I'll join in on the thread of people that on a clean install, can't get the latest qpkg 2.0.105 to work for a NAS to NAS sync. Using brand new TS-563 to TS-269L. By adding a computer with the same passkey as a third device, then everything springs to life and sync happens in all directions. Remove the computer and NAS to NAS has zero activity. Uninstalled the version 2 software and manually installed the version 1.4 software and everything works. Click the "update" button on the app expecting it to install the latest of the version 1 series, but without warning it installs version 2.0.105 and while the version 1.4 folders are preserved the sync comes to full stop. Uninstalled again and reinstalled and I am back in business, though the throughput for updates is surprisingly slow at under 5Mbs, but it does work. Is any work being done to get Version 2 to work properly on QNAP devices? The "endorsement" for BT Sync-available on the BT Sync site is a primary reason I selected QNAP hardware. I'm considering a return since real time two-way sync between our two locations was our primary requirement. Thoughts?