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    synology DS918+

    I believe 18 serial was just released. It's quite new. At least you can use Docker to run resilio in Ubuntu.
  2. You need to be patient. Just wait. It will eventually load the folder info after couple minutes. All depends the amount of data you sync and complexity of the folders. It needs to load everything into memory then display the WebUI. That's how ResilioSync webui designed. Because Synology NAS usually does not have big RAM. Sometimes it takes half hour or longer. You may also try to pause/disconnect some big sync folders through command line. Then try the Webui. Good Luck.
  3. run resiliosync in docker or manage the user ( rslsync ) privilege in share folders.
  4. just manual install the package you downloaded. Click all 'next'. It will detect the existing old one and update it. Please note the user account for ResilisoSync has been changed from 'admin' to 'rslsync', need to make sure the folders permission for the new user.
  5. you can create a github account, fork that official one and modify the version number to 2.5.5 (no coding skill needed). Then create an auto-build repo on docker hub so that you can create a docker image by your own with the latest resiliosync.
  6. xfelix

    Volunteers required! (China)

    My China Synology nas does not have nc enabled. So i just use curl command. curl Recv failure: connection reset by peer curl Empty reply from server Seems like the first IP is reset by GFW.
  7. xfelix

    very big ram footprint

    i agree. i have to set ram limit for the docker container that runs ResilioSync otherwise it will eat up all the host RAM. On a resources limited NAS, it will take ages to open the ResilioSync webui because of not enough RAM. If dev can find ways to improve the memory efficiency, that will be great.
  8. you need change ownership of those sync folders to rslsync user account. if your synology nas supports docker, strong recommend to use resiliosync docker container instead of package. Just mount the sync folders and no longer have the permission issues.
  9. @Helen Thanks for the help. After reset the peer, no more SyncDiscovery.cpp assert failed error. However, after using 2.5.5 couple days, i noticed a different assert failed error message. What this means? Thanks. "assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/workspace/Build-Sync-Manually/bittorent.cpp:846"or 891
  10. xfelix

    Volunteers required! (China)

    i just notice ios version 2.4.10 is available in appstore.
  11. @Helen for me, none of my folders have 'use predefined hosts' checked. But still have the same error message as OP.
  12. Same here. No idea what it is. Running 2.5.4 in Synology Docker.
  13. xfelix

    Volunteers required! (China)

    HK is not behind FW.
  14. xfelix

    Volunteers required! (China)

    excuse me. What's the issue exactly? i am running resiliosync 2.4.5-1 Synology package inside China. I only use it to sync personal files between my another NAS (2.5.2 docker image in AU) and server (2.5.4 ubuntu package in US). I haven't noticed any issue yet.
  15. xfelix

    Volunteers required! (China)

    i have a Synology NAS running inside China. If needed i can also help.