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  1. Resilio Sync 2.6.2 on Synology NAS has the bug of 2GB file limitation. Downgrade to 2.6.1 or upgrade to 2.6.4 (i haven't tried 2.6.4 yet).
  2. i doubt this ios app will be updated since 2.6.3 has been there almost 1 year.
  3. @Egon Heuson, eg. the latest download is https://download-cdn.resilio.com/2.6.3/Synology/resiliosync_88f6281_2.6.3-1.spk, just change 2.6.3 to 2.6.1.
  4. The problem Nas is DS112 which only has 256MB ram I believe. The one I am running docker is DS216+ii which upgraded ram to 8GB.
  5. I use Resilio Sync Synology pack on an old NAS. 2.6.3 has severe load issue which cause whole NAS extremely slow response. Very high CPU, Mem, and Disk usage. I downgraded to 2.6.2 but has 2G file transfer limit issue. So I have to stay on 2.6.1 by now. I have another Synology nas which can run Docker. No issue of 2.6.3 in container environment.
  6. after almost one month i still haven't seen a clear answer for the issue of 2.6.2 on Synology nas. Is it safe to install the 2.6.2 package on Synology NAS or leave it as 2.6.1? I am using an old model of Synology nas which does not support docker. That's why I ask this question. Thanks.
  7. @sauvagii not sure what tool you use to edit photos. If you use lightroom or similar app, why not store the raw images and editing configurations on the Synology NAS directly, then create a schedule backup from Synology NAS to WD NAS? Your desktop PC is just an interface to use those photo editor applications (mount a folder of Synology NAS).
  8. I believe 18 serial was just released. It's quite new. At least you can use Docker to run resilio in Ubuntu.
  9. You need to be patient. Just wait. It will eventually load the folder info after couple minutes. All depends the amount of data you sync and complexity of the folders. It needs to load everything into memory then display the WebUI. That's how ResilioSync webui designed. Because Synology NAS usually does not have big RAM. Sometimes it takes half hour or longer. You may also try to pause/disconnect some big sync folders through command line. Then try the Webui. Good Luck.
  10. just manual install the package you downloaded. Click all 'next'. It will detect the existing old one and update it. Please note the user account for ResilisoSync has been changed from 'admin' to 'rslsync', need to make sure the folders permission for the new user.
  11. you can create a github account, fork that official one and modify the version number to 2.5.5 (no coding skill needed). Then create an auto-build repo on docker hub so that you can create a docker image by your own with the latest resiliosync.
  12. i agree. i have to set ram limit for the docker container that runs ResilioSync otherwise it will eat up all the host RAM. On a resources limited NAS, it will take ages to open the ResilioSync webui because of not enough RAM. If dev can find ways to improve the memory efficiency, that will be great.
  13. you need change ownership of those sync folders to rslsync user account. if your synology nas supports docker, strong recommend to use resiliosync docker container instead of package. Just mount the sync folders and no longer have the permission issues.
  14. @Helen Thanks for the help. After reset the peer, no more SyncDiscovery.cpp assert failed error. However, after using 2.5.5 couple days, i noticed a different assert failed error message. What this means? Thanks. "assert failed /home/jenkins/slave-root/workspace/Build-Sync-Manually/bittorent.cpp:846"or 891