Custom Folder Backup on Android Not Working

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I have created a photos backup with the Android app and it's working great.

Now I want to create a new custom backup for my Signal backups.

  1. Add
  2. Add backup
  3. Custom
  4. Navigate to path
  5. Choose Folder
  6. Add
  7. Immediately taken back to the Folders list and the new backup definition is not present

Anyone else run into this? Any workarounds?

Version: 2.6.4 (8693) on Android 10, Google Pixel 3.

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It seems we may be out of luck. It doesn't look like the Android app is even being developed anymore, judging by how far behind it is compared to the desktop version. Sigh.

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I use Syncthing in parallel on all my Synologys, Windows computers, Androids. I had problems with the Resilio APP for a long time, so I was forced to use Syncthing in parallel among because of this. Its also great.

Instead of the camera "tool" of the Resilio APP I use a normal peer between the standard folder on the smartphone and a folder on a host. Files are excluded via the ignore list, this list can be saved beforehand. Then only the files that you actually want are stored on the host.

I also do not use the standard camera "tool", because sometimes I delete pictures again if they have become blurred or are simply nothing, etc.

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Andy, that won't work for me. I use Google Photos to backup my photos and reclaim the space from my phone. If I use a standard share from Sync, then my backups on my own server would be deleted when Google Photos purges the local storage on the phone.

I use ZFS and daily snapshots, so I could always reconstruct the photos, but that's a huge hassle I would rather not deal with.

For now, I have used a regular share to backup Signal as I don't need every backup file, like I would with photos.

I guess it's time to start taking a more serious look at SyncThing. It's just a shame since I've been using Sync since it was an early alpha. 😢

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Then your system works a little differently. I only have my own servers, some Synologys.

Due to my configuration, I have the photos in the sync directory on my server that I want. I have, let's say 1000 photos in it, I move on my server e.g. 980 of them in other folders and 20 remain in the sync directory.

These 20 remain on my smartphone also, the other 980 are deleted from Resilio and the storage becomes free. That is my goal and that is how it works.

Test Syncthing in your case and I recommen to test the "Syncthing-Fork" APP beside of the normal official APP of it, This APP also have a more flexible camera function.

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