Custom Folder Backup on Android Not Working


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I have created a photos backup with the Android app and it's working great.

Now I want to create a new custom backup for my Signal backups.

  1. Add
  2. Add backup
  3. Custom
  4. Navigate to path
  5. Choose Folder
  6. Add
  7. Immediately taken back to the Folders list and the new backup definition is not present

Anyone else run into this? Any workarounds?

Version: 2.6.4 (8693) on Android 10, Google Pixel 3.

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I use Syncthing in parallel on all my Synologys, Windows computers, Androids. I had problems with the Resilio APP for a long time, so I was forced to use Syncthing in parallel among because of this. Its also great.

Instead of the camera "tool" of the Resilio APP I use a normal peer between the standard folder on the smartphone and a folder on a host. Files are excluded via the ignore list, this list can be saved beforehand. Then only the files that you actually want are stored on the host.

I also do not use the standard camera "tool", because sometimes I delete pictures again if they have become blurred or are simply nothing, etc.

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Andy, that won't work for me. I use Google Photos to backup my photos and reclaim the space from my phone. If I use a standard share from Sync, then my backups on my own server would be deleted when Google Photos purges the local storage on the phone.

I use ZFS and daily snapshots, so I could always reconstruct the photos, but that's a huge hassle I would rather not deal with.

For now, I have used a regular share to backup Signal as I don't need every backup file, like I would with photos.

I guess it's time to start taking a more serious look at SyncThing. It's just a shame since I've been using Sync since it was an early alpha. 😢

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Then your system works a little differently. I only have my own servers, some Synologys.

Due to my configuration, I have the photos in the sync directory on my server that I want. I have, let's say 1000 photos in it, I move on my server e.g. 980 of them in other folders and 20 remain in the sync directory.

These 20 remain on my smartphone also, the other 980 are deleted from Resilio and the storage becomes free. That is my goal and that is how it works.

Test Syncthing in your case and I recommen to test the "Syncthing-Fork" APP beside of the normal official APP of it, This APP also have a more flexible camera function.

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I wish I had seen this post before embarking on resilio for I too have a similar problem. I am trying to sync a folder from my Android phone to a desktop folder (rather than a custom backup) but can't seem to get it to work. in fact not sure if this possible from the Android app?

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on my android, i've set up a link to my desktop. i then go to Folders on my App and click the + sign. It gives me a choice of Send file, create folders, add backup, scan QR code, enter key.

So i cant see how I can select a folder on my phone and choose on the app, so that it will link/sync back to my desktop?

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I've migrated all Resilio Sync workloads to Synthing. Working perfectly, couldn't be happier. A little sad though, since I used btsync since its early alpha days. But I can't deal with the bugs and lack of updates to fix those bugs.

Only thing I'm missing from Syncthing is the easy of sharing with just a public key, and having the ability to use a node as encrypted storage. I rarely use encrypted storage though, so oh well, I'll do something else if I ever need it again.

By, Resilio! Good luck!

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It was a quick marriage, maybe too quick. Resilio was not bloated and quick - it had all of the hallmarks of a succesful marriage but problems quickly began. And no communication. I mean no communication. Resilio was disinterested. I was frustrated. In desperation, I tried again to make this marriage work. But alas it was over. I wandered the streets all sad until a new darling emerged. True she was not quick but she communicated well and she was easy to talk to. Yes I too have left resilio for syncthing. But hopefully one day, Resilio might take me back but she will have to change.


Bye bye and Good luck!  

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I'm basically just as concerned. I had some problems, which is why I also looked at Syncthing...

I don't want to give up so quickly. After I had properly compared, I deleted all identities and databases, renewed the identities, the indexings and databases were newly created. Since then, the Android APP has been running well again.

Nevertheless, I was to some extent forced to use syncthing in advance, as there were non-solvable problems with the Android APP. Another fact is that one of my Synology's is located in a location with low internet bandwidth.

So I was not only forced to use Syncthing, but also parallel to Resilio, in that peers were interlinked. This works very well with the matching ignore pattern and I will preemptively use it and see what the future holds.

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I've seen various issues on Android that I stopped using it rather quickly 2 years back or maybe even 3 now. I did encrypted backups to Android and Resilio Sync locked me out of those on purpose when I needed a file only on that backup. It can't even do what its supposed to do, give you your backups, assuming I was not a legit entity. When that happens, I say forget it, not worth my time so I've been sweating here and there with desktop also because of that.

I also just just jumped over to Syncthing. Doesn't do encrypted files but not like that went well with Resilio Sync lol. I'm 10x happier with Syncthing (sorry Resilio Sync devs).

I see Resilio Sync Android app was just updated recently so its possible that its fixed now I suppose. If it isn't then you could just try again in a year. That's what I did previously only to find other problems though.

Hope the best for you. Personally, I'd do what Andy+ did and just use it as a 2nd or 3rd (I recommend it as no less than the 3rd) backup path and if it fails, it fails though since the files are probably unencrypted you'd still be fine as long as they synced anyway. Ideally, you want more than one in case one fails.

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