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  2. Also: 3. Allow syntax for inverse rules in the ignore list - i.e. "do not ignore". This would allow us to create shares where everything in the path is ignored except for specific things specified by the user.
  3. It would be great if there were a couple of small improvements with Ignore List which would make users' lives much easier: 1. Allow editing a share's ignore list from within the app itself. It would be so much easier to have this functionality in the app, alongside other options for managing shares, rather than having to go to a share's .sync folder to edit the IgnoreList file manually. 2. Allow editing the default Ignore List somewhere in Preferences (I guess Preferences -> Advanced would be best). It would save us having to batch-edit shares just to make a few key changes that we want across all shares on a system.
  4. I've had numerous issues with 2.7.1, including this one: The only solution I found was downgrading to 2.7.0. My problems started with a database error. I removed and added back the folder in question, but never would finish on all machines.
  5. FYI, I've tried restarting both machines, and this is a new machine I just added (well, I removed as a peer, deleted all the files, and resynced).
  6. I'm basically just as concerned. I had some problems, which is why I also looked at Syncthing... I don't want to give up so quickly. After I had properly compared, I deleted all identities and databases, renewed the identities, the indexings and databases were newly created. Since then, the Android APP has been running well again. Nevertheless, I was to some extent forced to use syncthing in advance, as there were non-solvable problems with the Android APP. Another fact is that one of my Synology's is located in a location with low internet bandwidth. So I was not only forced to use Syncthing, but also parallel to Resilio, in that peers were interlinked. This works very well with the matching ignore pattern and I will preemptively use it and see what the future holds.
  7. Why, at times, does it just stop transferring files? KDAVISTEST has been stuck here for 45 minutes: From KDAVIS:
  8. It was a quick marriage, maybe too quick. Resilio was not bloated and quick - it had all of the hallmarks of a succesful marriage but problems quickly began. And no communication. I mean no communication. Resilio was disinterested. I was frustrated. In desperation, I tried again to make this marriage work. But alas it was over. I wandered the streets all sad until a new darling emerged. True she was not quick but she communicated well and she was easy to talk to. Yes I too have left resilio for syncthing. But hopefully one day, Resilio might take me back but she will have to change. Bye bye and Good luck!
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  10. I've migrated all Resilio Sync workloads to Synthing. Working perfectly, couldn't be happier. A little sad though, since I used btsync since its early alpha days. But I can't deal with the bugs and lack of updates to fix those bugs. Only thing I'm missing from Syncthing is the easy of sharing with just a public key, and having the ability to use a node as encrypted storage. I rarely use encrypted storage though, so oh well, I'll do something else if I ever need it again. By, Resilio! Good luck!
  11. on my android, i've set up a link to my desktop. i then go to Folders on my App and click the + sign. It gives me a choice of Send file, create folders, add backup, scan QR code, enter key. So i cant see how I can select a folder on my phone and choose on the app, so that it will link/sync back to my desktop?
  12. Normally, Yes. If your have a license and use a advanced folder, or better call it peer, the new connection from the Smartphone appears in all connect ex devices. Otherwise you must exchange the peer key manually.
  13. I wish I had seen this post before embarking on resilio for I too have a similar problem. I am trying to sync a folder from my Android phone to a desktop folder (rather than a custom backup) but can't seem to get it to work. in fact not sure if this possible from the Android app?
  14. Hello Andy+, again thank you for your help. I do not want to rename the peer but the folder I am sharing. When I create a Advanced folder from a folder on my Synology then it automatically gets the name of that folder so for example if I want to share the folder /user1/home/Drive then Resilio names the folder/share "Drive". So when I send the link to someone and they connect than it will say "Drive" in their list. My problem is I have /user1/home/Drive, /user2/home/Drive, /user3/home/Drive etc. so Resilio names all of them "Drive" and when I send two of those links to the same person they will end up with two folders called "Drive" in their resilio and without connecting they will not know what is in them. I would like to when I click on "+" -->Advanced Folder and I select /user1/home/Drive that I can name the resilio folder/share that is being created "user1" instead of "Drive" so when I send the link to someone it shows up as "user1". How do I achieve that? Or is that only possible if I temporarily rename the folder prior to sharing to /user1/home/user1 instead of /user1/home/Drive? Other than that thank you very much!
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  16. Same to me for finished projects, photos, movies, music, software packages, etc.
  17. Well, As I'm not a paid user, it seems that Resilio is refusing to provide assistance on this issue, so I'll reach out here in hope of getting some resolution. A couple of weeks ago the Resilio Sync on my Synology box refused to connect. A bit of spelunking around indicated a software update was needed due to an updated DSM in the Synology. This has inflicted a couple of issues that weren't there before, and I've worked through the other ones, but now I've got the issue of Chrome declaring that the Resilio certificate is invalid. I'm completely ignorant of Certificates and the handling of such, so would someone provide guidance, in profuse quantities of little words, on how to rectify this? Thank you very much. chris P.S. I absolutely abhor reCAPTCHA. It's a disease....
  18. To rename from v2.7.x right click on a peer and choose settings and most above you see the peer name and a little pencil on right side. Click on it and chosse a new name. For ignoring #recycle maybe try ?recycle or *recycle, I think some tests are needed for that
  19. Hello Andy+, Thank you for your reply. I see. Thank you! I think I may have to try to explain my problem again: 1. Understood, Thank you for your explanation. 2. How do I rename a share permanently and for all peers? I understand that and I understand the concept of sharing with the key or the link. What I was referring to, was the fact that I had created a "share" that I named "Test" and filled with some data and shared it with someone. After a while we however started using the share and I wanted to rename it to something more useful like for example "pictures", so I went ahead and did that on my system, worked, no problem. Later I shared it again with someone else and guess what the folder that was created for them is called "Test" and not "pictures". Is it possible to rename a share so that it is renamed for everyone and permanently so that when I or someone else reshares it that it gets the correct name which in this example would have been "pictures"? 3. I have tried about everything to exclude the system created #recycle folder that Synology creates from sync but can't get that to work either. Any idea on how to solve this? I read: But the problem with the IgnoreList is that the "#" is interpreted as a comment. So no matter what I do the #recycle folder that the NAS creates gets synced as well.
  20. If selective sync is not used, a 1:1 copy is made on the connected peer side. On all 2 peers are a synced dataset. With 3 peers it is triple. That is so wanted. If selective sync is set, there are no copies on the affected peers, only the directory structure and placeholders for the files. Then the files or directories must be activated if the files are to be physically available on the respective peer. That is also wanted. To share something, it doesn't have to be an extended folder, you can also share standard folders. But then the keys have to be exchanged. Maybe you are working intensively on the documentation.
  21. Hello, I am using Sync Home Pro on my Synology NAS and so far I have been pretty please with the setup. Took me a little bit to figure it all out but now it is running. I do however have two things that I need to figure out and I could not solve by looking in the help center or here: 1. When I sync any folder on my Synology from any of my Network Shares and do not enable "Selective Sync" then one of two things happens, either Synology makes a copy of all my data in the Resilio Sync share (obviously undesirable) or it throws up a warning that XXX Files could not be downloaded and asks if I want to Ignore them. When I switch back to selective sync and manually disable the sync in the Web GUI then everything is ok. Is that just the way it is supposed to work? Basically that means when I want to share anything from my Synology it has to be an advanced Folder and it has to have selective sync on unless it is something directly located in the Resiolio Sync share, correct? 2. How do I rename a share permanently and for all peers? I read about disconnecting and re-sharing using the same key, however I have no idea how to achieve that. 3. I have tried about everything to exclude the system created #recycle folder that Synology creates from sync but can't get that to work either. Would be great if someone could help me better understand these issues.
  22. There is very few files for now, only about 20. I am testing Resilio on RPi4 to get it working and to understand it, Then I will move it over to my main openmediavault server running on a Dell i5.
  23. Its maybe a challenge for RPI because of resources Resilio needs, if you have a lot of files and folders. But at first that needs some tests by you.
  24. Sorry I am testing Resilio on a RPI4. On Resilio side, I see: /sync/Music/Master /sync/Music/TestSync On server side, I have: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/Music /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/Master /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/TestSync With the volume setup now, I have: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo:/sync
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