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  2. This is a must-have! If I need to sync files to 3 users I should not have to make 3 copies of the files! I need to share 90 gigs worth of files, it will take 180 extra gigs to do that because you don't support Symlink, or Hardlink...
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  4. Over a year since first reported and nothing has changed. I don't want to stop using Resilio but I may have to if this isn't resolved. It's a lot of work to move and I already paid for a license.
  5. This issue stills appearing on my devices, and I have not found a final solution, and other forum explaining the problem or solution. Sometimes, folders returns after a reboot, and other times, I had have to reinstall. The last time, I put the firewall down, and that worked, but the problem souldn't be never. Thanks 4 read and maybe we can find a solution, sharing this.
  6. Almost completely moved to Resilio now - giving up on dbox completely since their last client limit Still hoping that this feature could be implmented?
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  8. I am so sorry, but how can I install it? I don't found any instruction for it. Can you get me brief guide, please
  9. Hello, I install Resilio sync home on Debian 9 and use on Firefox on url http://localhost:8888/gui/, can I start Resilio sync on Terminal only for syncronisation? Thank you.
  10. please use this build on freebsd/freenas fix will be included in next version
  11. I've found why Sync cannot remove files: It does not support bind mounted volumes, which I use a lot.. very sad. It should be fixed I guess, or documented somewhere. The app should not crash at least. The SSL errors are still a mystery for me. Someone can help?
  12. IPv6 does not work on Android client. My Sync server is configured to bind to IPv6 address (I don't have public IPv4), but It's impossible to connet with Android client, so I guess it doesn't support IPv6. Please fix this, for me it's a bug, we have 2019..
  13. @icu777 thank you for your answer. I have deduced this from your previous posts and applied it to myself. This is only a partial solution to the problem. I have a Home Pro license and I hope that the Resilio team will fix this problem. I will just add that I also have a second problem regarding Resilio on Raspberry Pi, where Resilio synchronizes one catalog all the time and can not stop (the number of files and their size does not match). But I will write about it in a separate thread.
  14. Thanks for your answer. I will live with it 🙂
  15. dear Bielen2k i don't think there is a way to solve this issue right now. and this issue only occurs when (a) it is an advanced folder, and (b) on a pc with a slower CPU. I temporarily remove all advanced folders, and re-add them as standard folders. then it worked just fine for me. so far. BR.
  16. As I know, there is no integration between any file manager in linux to allow a true selective sync. So, if you configured you folder to use selective sync in linux, you have to enable any subfolder/file manually in the web application. Until this I think is ok, but the big problem is that if you delete any file or folder, it behaves like if you have removed "only from this device", then you have to delete manually in web app ("remove from all devices"), for EACH FILE/FOLDER. It makes selective syn in Linux useless. Anyone know how to change the default behavior when delete a file in selective sync from "remove from this device" to "remove from all devices"? Thanks, Camargo
  17. Hello! I got a weird problem as the title described. Here are details: 1. Environment OS: Ubuntu server 18.04.2 Resilio-Sync: 2.6.3(1340) License: Home Pro IP: ufw Status: inactive Config file: $HOME/.config/resilio-sync/config.json { "storage_path" : "/home/[USER]/.config/resilio-sync/storage", "pid_file" : "/home/[USER]/.config/resilio-sync/", "directory_root" : "/data/", "webui" : { "listen" : "" } } I run rslsync as my user, so the /usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service is: [Unit] Description=Resilio Sync service Documentation= [Service] Type=forking Restart=on-failure PIDFile=%h/.config/resilio-sync/ ExecStart=/usr/bin/rslsync --config %h/.config/resilio-sync/config.json ExecStartPre=/etc/resilio-sync/ ExecStartPost=/bin/sleep 1 [Install] 2. Problems Can not access Web UI, unless I connected to the OpenSSH server or some program(run in background as my user too) listen on other port([what_ever_port]). Other services like Nginx or Redis are works fine. But they are not run under my user privilege, so I guess maybe there is the problem. ~# Before SSH connection ▶ curl -k -v * Trying * TCP_NODELAY set * Connection failed * connect to port 8888 failed: Connection refused * Failed to connect to port 8888: Connection refused * Closing connection 0 curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 8888: Connection refused ~# After SSH connected ▶ curl -k -v * Trying * TCP_NODELAY set * Connected to ( port 8888 (#0) > GET /gui HTTP/1.1 > Host: > User-Agent: curl/7.54.0 > Accept: */* > < HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently < Connection: close < Location: /gui/ < * Closing connection 0 BUT, I got an old RaspberryPi 2, which have the same rslsync configuration, and it works fine in the lan(2.5.13(1301) Old Person License). Any one technical support would be thankful! I bought the early personal license and lately Home Pro license at last year. So I think this is not a harsh demand. @Helen @cmeisel
  18. From time to time, I have the same problem with random folders. I have not paid attention so far whether it was a standard or advanced folder. The one with whom I have a problem today is an advanced folder. I have 4 devices (2 x Win 10 Home, 1 x Win 10 Pro, 1 x Raspberry Pi 3 B rev 1.2 with Raspbian 9). I have a Sync Home Pro license but it is used only by me (one user) on my devices. On all devices, I have version 2.6.3 (1340). How can I solve the problem?
  19. I have one pool with ZFS. and plugin Resilio uses it as mounting point. Error messages I see with files over 10Gb size.
  20. I have a lot of troubles setting Resilio to work on my Synology DSM 6.2. My main problem: Resilio running on Synology cannot remove files from NAS that were deleted from Android peer. Logs show this (every few minutes): [20190621 16:54:55.591] Failed to move file /volume1/documents/Android/Home Documents/resiliosync_88f6281_2.6.3-1.spk to trash. Error: 18 [20190621 16:54:55.592] Failed to move file /volume1/documents/Android/Home Wallpapers/resiliosync_88f6281_2.6.3-1.spk to trash. Error: 18 [20190621 16:55:35.647] Failed to move file /volume1/documents/Android/Home Documents/swaks-20181104.0.tar.gz to trash. Error: 18 All ACLs on Synology verified to be R/W for rslsync user. Share is also R/W. My config is as follows: { "storage_path" : "/usr/local/resiliosync/var", "pid_file" : "/usr/local/resiliosync/var/", "display_new_version" : false, "use_upnp" : false, "listening_port": 64065, "vendor" : "synology", "webui" : { "listen" : "[::]:28888", "login": "admin", "password": "<pass deleted>", "allow_empty_password" : false, "force_https": true, "dir_whitelist": ["/volume1", "/home/admin"] }, "directory_root" : "/", "directory_root_policy":"belowroot", "sync_trash_ttl": 7 } I have another peer on my PC (Windows 10) connected to the same share. Deleting files from the PC peer works as expected; file remove is populated to the NAS, and then to the Android. So It works that way, but no the opposite. Besides this, my logs are full of repeated errors (related?): [20190621 16:31:33.261] HTTPS: connection [server] has been aborted - code: 336151574, func: "ssl3_read_bytes", reason: "sslv3 alert certificate unknown"
  21. FreeNAS should use ZFS, which should be able to easily handle your files. But maybe you have some folders on a different partition, which uses some other older file system. What file systems are you using on all your devices with all your shares?
  22. You have a very small and old NAS with only 256MB RAM. So practically no free RAM left for additional applications. Yet, Resilio Sync is an application which requires lots of RAM: In my opinion, with less than 1GB free RAM, you won't be happy.
  23. After an update of the Drobo Access software a couple of days ago and a shutdown and restart, Resilio has lost all settings on the Drobo. All files and folders are there but I'm unsure how or if it is possible to recover my config! The admin page just asks me for my sharing name. I am a Sync Home Pro user. Anyone got any advice on how to proceed?
  24. This is service traffic Sync relies to. Please contact support to let us investigate if this value of total traffic is common.
  25. Which binary do you try to run on your fedora 30? i386 or x64? What is arch of your fedora 30? Run the following commands and send the output: uname -m ldd --version
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