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  1. Any chance to get this kind of integration in Windows 10?
  2. Any idea when the Synology package will be available ? (Right now the 2.0.93 version keeps crashing.)
  3. Another bug to report: when sharing backup link from iPhone, generated link only works with one device. The second time I try to use it, "approbation" doesn't show up on the phone.
  4. @RomanZ Permission to use camera was OK. Reinstalling the app, going through a new key for backup solved the issue.
  5. Same here on iOS 8.0.2 App crashes a lot (back to home) and photo backup is still not working (stuck at "Connection", no other device detected).
  6. Same here, photo backup broken on .83 with iOS 8
  7. Thank you for your reply. I wanted precisely to avoid using third partie or community packages. I read somewhere in this forum that you were working with Synology for your software to be packaged into their official appstore. Any news or ETA on this?
  8. Where (or when) can I find the official Synology package that should now be available as voiced in BTsync blog?
  9. Same problem as OP here. DSM 5.0 - SynologyCommunity package
  10. Could you elaborate on how you manage to install Sync on NSA310?