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  1. Good morning It's about 10 days that i have syncing problems between my devices like in photo ! I need a tutorial for totally uninstall, clean ALL ResilioSync system folders / traces ( like, for example in Windows 7, also the C:\Users\+++\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync folder) and redo a fresh ResilioSync installation into my Mac, my 2 Synology Nas and a Windows 7 pc. After that it is better to start with a full folder only into one device or i can keep full folder into every devices (and Resylio compare them) ? May you help me please ? Thx in advantage Alfy
  2. Sorry but i don't understand: The limit is to 10 folder OR subfolder ? So if i have 1 folder and into it 15 subfolders am i be able to use Sync 2 for free ? or i need to go to Pro ? Thank's for help Alfy