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  1. > THAT feature request thread You already posted on there. Did you forget? > how does the browser or receiving user resolve the download from multiple hosts? You are the only peer, so multiple hosts would not be entered into the picture. Web browsers don't have native capability to download a single file from multiple hosts... Bittorrent that support webseeding can and do. You might take a look at webtorrent:
  2. Which is why I mention using a locally hosted web server. Someone's already suggested something like this in another thread... Without the need for extensions. No extensions mean better adoption so I'd put your suggestion as less desirable and feasible. The con is that http downloads work well for single files so many files or folders would not work well unless the files were zipped up either beforehand or as a streamed download (send a tar gzip as it is compressing and bundling the files).
  3. If ease of use matters for you, it will be easier to use existing technologies (HTTP). Use a different cloud service, or host a webserver yourself whose root is the BT Sync folder you want to share. I wouldn't be too hopeful with Maelstrom - it looks dead in the water. ZeroNet's been taking off with active development with Maelstrom has been stagnant for many months with no updates.
  4. Try running process monitor by sysinternals with and without the btsync context menu. Might reveal more hints... If the delay in seconds is reliably produced, might be a network timeout. Mapped drives are authenticated with saved passwords... But network locations don't always have that luxury. Just a guess... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. > Was the files removed bigger than 1Gb? No, they were no bigger than 1GB. > Is your sync folder on SMB share / removable media? No, hard drive. > Did you have any chance to grab debug logs? Sorry, no. All the deleted files originated from the remote machine. It was a matter of moving them back to the original folder... although I had to filter out files older than 2 hours to not move back files I actually did not want. Its going to take some time to sync back 50GB of moved data. I don't blame you guys for this... it is beta software and this is an acceptable consequence.
  6. I upgraded to 1.3 and I get a message that "All syncing devices went offline". Now files keep getting removed. I don't see them in my .SyncArchive here. I am hoping they will be on my other machine in a remote location. The remote machine is still running 1.2 as I haven't had a chance to upgrade that one yet. I think I'm done using Bittorrent Sync with this frightening result.