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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I only had 8 folders to sync. But the principle of the matter is why I've installed syncthing today. It's a process to get the family to switch, but by Sunday, I expect not to have anymore BTSync software on my devices. I too am walking the walk. This is my last visit to the forum.
  2. Hear hear!Not only that, but when you're trusting them to keep your data secure through encryption, and you don't believe they're trustworthy enough to keep a promise, then they've just lost 90% of their business model.
  3. With all do respect guys, when you said "we’re improving the free edition over what’s available in version 1.4," you lied. And when you said "now EULA allows business use explicitly" for 1.4, you thought that making that a pro-only feature would be an "improvement" too. It would have been fine if you were up front about it, but you decided to go back on your word. I would never do business with a company this deceitful. I'll find other options to sync my files. You had a good thing going for a while, but I'm done.
  4. No, but there is a pattern the BT staff for rebuking people for not staying on topic. (Rebuke might be a strong word.) That's where my comment is directed. Like I said, it's difficult to maintain a fluid conversation that way. I don't think that people were implying that the open source idea was anything new, nor do I believe that the thread was turning into a debate as I already mentioned. Since this conversation is contributing nothing to the subject at hand, (the expectations of Sync), then out of respect I will respond no further.
  5. @RomanZ It's really hard to have an adequate discussion when we are inhibited from branching into subtopics that are directly related to the topic of the thread we're in. It's hard to jump-threads and keep the continuity of conversation. Also, I really don't feel that the discussion was drifting off topic in the direction of an Open Source debate. But I do thank you for the links.
  6. I believe BT's target is to the people who value having there files synced in a place that's not in the cloud. Those are the people who value privacy. The people who don't value privacy are those that will use services like one drive, etc. If you don't value privacy, then you probably aren't going to be interested in paying for Sync; I suspect BT is okay with that.
  7. I'm afraid the Out of Sync issue appeared for me again today for no apparent reason. 1.2KB, 7 files, no subfolders. 3 of 3 peers connected. No !Sync files to delete either. *So confused* Not sure if the experimental build offer is exclusive, but if not I'd be willing to give it a try. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  8. It's funny you mentioned FreeFileSync. I bumped into that yesterday as I was looking into an alternative to BTSync for a LAN backup utility. I really like it. I have about 700GB that I was backing up with BTSync but by the time it all synced up, I'd get another "Out of Sync" error. (Currently on 1.4.106 and had many of those errors.) After several months of that, I am fed up. In an effort to stay on topic, I still have a few WAN folders using BTSync that (currently) don't have the "Out of Sync" error. I'll keep your post in mind for when those start to behave badly. Thank you for the tip!
  9. Not just you, I've got this problem. About 10% of my folders have it. I can delete the share and start over, but after a while it happens again. This has been an issue with all of 1.4.xx for me.
  10. It is anticipated that this will be a premium (paid) feature, correct?
  11. Oh thanks. Could you point me to a thread that gives instructions on how to edit this config file? I've searched for it but I'm not seeing much for Windows. Nevermind. Found it! On another note, I'm noticing a slight glitch in the UI. I have so many shares that the window requires a vertical scroll bar. Now the three dots get partially covered up. Nothing I've tried will adjust this. Not a big deal, but just thought I'd mention it.
  12. I got the options > preferences > advanced, but I just don't see "more options." Could you be a bit more specific? (Windows 7 here.)
  13. I'm trying out 1.4 to see how stable it is. Is there any way to set the Sync Archive duration like in 1.3?
  14. I would like to encourage you to take a poll to see if the community feels you're ready to take the beta tag off of this product. 1.4 still has big issues that should be dealt with. Issues like, oh I donno, not syncing.
  15. I know what you mean. It seems like when someone strays from what is conventional, it is never intuitive. And in this case, the convention has already been established. Hence, the changes in 1.4 are counter-intuitive. I know what you mean. I've got hundreds of gigs synced and I don't want to have to re-sync them because 1.4 is messing everything up. Me and 4 pages worth of members are waiting for the day that it's safe to update. And by safe, I mean when it's back to the reliability that it once was. I'm glad for the software that I once loved. It's awesome that it's free. But a lot of us have to keep using 1.3 as long as it's better than the updated versions.
  16. sfmcnally: "I talked my family and friends into using btsync for distributed backups and now I feel like an idiot for leading them down the path of 1.4." I did the same thing, and feel exactly the same way!
  17. I'm not sure about being able to do a poll. I was just seeing that some of the usuals weren't posting as often (ever?) to the Latest Sync Release 1.4.xx threads and I wondered what happened to those guys. Figured they must be, like myself, using 1.3 and have nothing to contribute to the 1.4 threads. Figured it doesn't do the devs any good to have the seasoned users not be using 1.4 - even after this 1.4.91 edition, and figured I'd take a little survey find out why. It just seems that we've taken a step back here. But here, in the near future, things are going to be ironed out to be reliable like 1.3 was. Why take the step back only to take a step forward? Why not have polished 1.3, instead of breaking it, and then spending a couple of months fixing it? Was deciding to have a new UI for ease of development the answer to these questions? If that's the case, I totally get that. But it seems a lot of people just can't come to the point of upgrading until it's as reliable as it once was.
  18. I'd like to take a little survey here of everyone using BTSync (not the mobile versions). I'd like to get an idea of who is using 1.3 or 1.4. Do you feel that 1.3 or 1.4 has more better features? Do you feel that 1.3 or 1.4 has more bugs? Personally, I'm still on 1.3. I upgraded to 1.4 when it first came out, and was seriously disspointed. It wasn't as stable as 1.3. (Please, I'm not trying to disrespect the dev's on this, I know they're trying.) Some files got messed up, the interface was cumbersome, and I didn't think it offered any features that were worth the trade off. I'm reluctant to try these later editions of 1.4 since it was a lot of work getting 1.3 to function again after having 1.4 on there - re-adding all those keys, etc. What are your thoughts on this? Have you noticed better stability with 1.4? Have the bugs been getting better or worse? Or are you like me and just settling for 1.3 for a while?
  19. Suppose you could put some pressure on those guys? They're really draggin their feet on this one (since mid-June it seems) and clarification is very important to some of us here.
  20. @Mattia DL First, what exactly do you mean by keeping the two topics separated? Second, about the Creative Commons/Open Source stuff...The first example I can think of is textbooks. In college, I had a professor that gave us a link to an open source trigonometry book so that we wouldn't have to pay the going rate for yet another textbook. I've started a collection of textbooks and would love to see them distributed. As long as a link in provided to the Creative Commons License, redistributing them is perfectly acceptable with the author. Now there are a lot of copyrighted textbooks out there that could make their way into the mix if people weren't careful - I could definitely see problems if it wasn't moderated somehow. Another idea might be software. Now software is probably best downloaded straight from the developer's site since who knows who has tampered with it. But occasionally, a modified version -perfectly acceptable in the Open Source world- is quite useful. Take linux for instance and its many different flavors. Some others that I regularly use, although unmodified, are Blender, Audacity, and Gimp. Perhaps hardware drivers/firmware are another example. I've heard of firmware for routers that is open source, although I've never looked into it.
  21. Perhaps you should keep an eye on this thread regarding business use. I'm hoping RomanZ will have an answer for us soon.
  22. Has there been any new information from the legal department regarding this issue? It's been a while since we heard from you on this.
  23. Bravo. Hmmm. If that's all it is, I'm not too interested. I already have an always-on device that serves that very purpose - without having to have my files available to the public. I thought this was more of a social experiment where, if you have some open source/Creative Commons documents or programs that others might find interesting, you could post it for others to use (rather than a community-based cloud backup system). Am I misunderstanding?
  24. I might be interested. However, you may want to establish some guidelines as well - how will you handle adult content, copyrighted material, etc. Or is it just an "anything goes" kind of a thing? In my experience with community shares, those two categories I mentioned are the first ones that I see filling things up.