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  1. This helped me out on Ubuntu 16.04 but I also had to remove the file /lib/systemd/system/btsync.service everything else worked fine. Also instead of completely removing the ppa, I just put a hold on the package so I could at least see when updates happened sudo apt-mark hold btsync
  2. Thank you that was just the information I was looking for
  3. I'm getting ready to install a new SSD drive, in the process I will be formatting my old Hard drive to make it a secondary storage drive, and re-installing Windows. Is there any way I can backup my sync settings and restore them to my new windows install? Thanks, Angel
  4. Well I managed to upgrade, and find the power user options thanks so much for your patience and help.
  5. I know it's been a while since I responded, but I was very ill. So upon looking I have version 2.0.93 and I don't see a power user option in my web GUI. Also I guess I should mention I'm running sync, on Linux.
  6. Thanks, but I don't have these options in my browser interface. Is there a text file I need to edit?
  7. I'm using btsync on my home server, and I was wondering how long files are kept in the .sync/Archive folder, if I can edit the time. I'm pretty sure I remember reading somewhere they are set to be kept for 30 days by default and I would like to shorten that if I can.
  8. Hi, I manually updated my btsync-core file prior to the update from the repo. I'm wondering if I should anticipate any errors in doing the upgrade now from the repo, or should I just pin my version?
  9. Maybe you should put th information about the 2nd repo in the OP that way it's easier for people to locate Just a suggestion.
  10. I have several different devices I use btsync on but they don't all sync every folder. However I still have the folders in my list and it makes things very messing looking. Not only that it makes it difficult to just get a quick overview of what that particular devices is syncing. Is there any way we can have the option to hide disconnected folders from the list?
  11. I finally managed to get it working, I just used the mobile app to scan the QR code and connect it to my account. Thanks though
  12. hmmm I've done that, and it starts, but when I enter my key it just says connecting for like forver
  13. There is no need to be rude. I have no problem paying for software, what I have a problem with is a subscription. I would gladly pay over $100.00 for a lifetime option of btsync with no major features added and security fixes only. If I want new features I would be happy to pay again for a version with those new features. But as it stands why do I need to pay $40.00 a year for this peice of software doesn't even offer remote hosting of my files?