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  1. Scenario: As a user, I run into a problem with Sync. I want to provide useful information to the developers so that they are actually able to solve the problem with a reasonable amount of effort. Current situation: I turn on debug logging in Sync's settings. I do a web search to find out where I can find my log. Sync documentation on logging defers to Sync documentation on "data folder" location. This documentation shows a path that is only accessible as a root user on Android, and notes such. Ideal situation: Sync for Android provides either A) An option to set the location
  2. @Gane O'dwyer I'm still interested in learning the answer to this question, too. Could you please discuss it here instead of in a private Zendesk issue? Is it just another category of loggable information, or does it actually augment functionality? If so, how?
  3. KeyBase had the same exact issue, and was able to fix it trivially and within a few days of reporting: https://github.com/keybase/keybase-issues/issues/3118
  4. +1 for aliasing and/or foldering I'd like to note that this has the most +1s out of all threads in the Feature Requests sub-forum (excluding "Now Implemented!" and "Wishlist" threads).
  5. In order to confirm whether it's a problem with Zypper, or the repository itself. If I did not get a permission error in the browser, then I would have started troubleshooting Zypper. Seeing the error in the browser let me know that it's a service problem that I can't do anything about, so I shouldn't spend any time looking into ways to fix it.
  6. This started happening again. Installed Sync through the repo last week. Now I get "Access Denied" even when visiting the https://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/rpm/ URL directly in my web browser.
  7. Linux currently has a crippled, Dropbox-like Selective Sync implementation that doesn't let me search for yet-to-be-synced files, unlike the Mac OS and Windows versions, which use placeholder files. It would be great if the Linux version handled selective with placeholders exactly in the same way as on other systems.
  8. Interesting, so if it doesn't increase performance, doesn't save resources, and doesn't provide extra robustness, then what is the point of having it? Does it decrease the likeliness of corrupt database if Sync crashes?
  9. There are a number of posts that recommend disabling journaling for those who are experiencing high disk use from the .journal files. I was wondering what the side-effects are of doing so. The feature is there and turned on be default for a reason, clearly, but what is that reason? I'm familiar with filesystem journaling in terms of the filesystem itself, however I'm not certain what functionality it provides in the case of Sync in particular. In addition, I have a few specific impact questions below: Will disabling journaling increase or decrease the general performance of Sync? A
  10. I would also love for this to be supported!