Sync Doesn't Have Permission To Write On Sdcard (Lollipop)

Tarcisio Alves

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Could you please send the feedback from the app with logs attached? 

Without logs we assume that there is something wrong with .sync directory inside shared folders.  Can you please double check it and make sure that it's present and not changed - there were cases when a backup tool altered files in .sync. Thanks. 

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What is your device that lets move Sync to SD? 

Are you using the beta build and still not allowed to write to the card apart from the sandbox? If yes, open "Contact Support" in the app, and in 'E-mail' field type SNC.DBG.SD.ENABLE, hit Send. Restart Sync, see if it helps. 

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This beta didn't solve the issue for me.

Just get " Cannot identify the destination folder" message near folder icon in the Android app.


What I did:

1. Became a beta tester.

2. Got beta build v2.2.6.

3. Added new folder, have point it to the folder placed on SD card.

4. Got "Cannot..." message.

5. Used "SNC.DBG.SD.ENABLE" trick, reloaded the app, recreated the new sync item.

6. No difference.

7. Went to be sad.


My device is Sony Z3 compact (D5803), Android v5.1.1, not rooted. Sync app is in the phone storage, not possible to move to to SD card.

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