Files Deleted, But I Don't Know Why


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First a bit of background info: I've upgraded from 1.4 to 2.0, first on my desktop.Then I noticed there was no syncing going on so I also upgraded on my NAS. Still nothing happened, so I thought to remove the "old" 1.4 link and setup a new 2.0 link. So far so good, syncing starts and finishes.

Next time I look, most of my files are gone! I eventually find them in the archive folder, so not completely lost, thank who or whatever. Now I've recovered my files to their original position. Again completely removed the folders from Sync, then removed the .sync folder from the folder containing the files. After making a new connection, the same thing happens.

Everything is dumped to the archive on the PC and gone on the NAS, except for the files that weren't synced during the 1.4 to 2.0 switch.


Does anybody have any idea why this is happening and what I can do about it?

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Files may be deleted if you disabled 'sync all' option and picked "delete synced files. Or if you picked "delete files" while removing the folder from Sync.



did you disable 'Sync all" feature on your desktop? 

Were the same files present in the folder on NAS before you connected them? was Sync all enabled or disabled on it? 



any details on what are your peers, how you linked them, what exactly was done in Sync and folder right before you saw it happen? 

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I met similar problem on my NAS (QNAP) that for every new file, it synced the file then delete the file from Sync even though there is that file on its disk. Maybe some permission issue. I just not use the NAS for sync but for backup with Windows' own app.

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greetings. i loved BT sync before the last two updates.


ever since those upgrades, i'm having a deleting problem that sounds similar to the ones discussed here. i upgrade sync on my main box, when it goes to sync to its clients, an older version of the file on a client overwrites a newer version of the file on my main box. so far i've been able to find the newer version in the archive, but i am terrified of setting up my whole network losing track of all the deletions. my main box is OSX 10.8.5 and my clients are an android phone and an OSX 10.7.5 box.


thanks in advance. have an illustrious day.

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Please collect and send logs to Support Team from *both* peers involved, It'll be cool if you will indicate on which peer the file suddenly appeared in Archive and what exactly file(s) it was (were).



it's not exactly the same, though it's similar - on remote peer Sync thinks that the file is newer (for example, it was touched while Sync was off). Also, send the logs. 

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Dear Helen,


Sync all is on on the PC, on the NAS I can't find that feature. I've been in contact with your colleague Haley via email and have sent her the logs last Wednesday. No response since then. 

Could you see if she could follow up on that?


The files were present on both computers, but there was probably a mismatch since there had been no syncing going on for some time. That means that there would mostly be new files on the PC that weren't on the NAS yet.


Best regards

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Good to hear you got them. I'm fine with continuing in Zendesk, but by now I'm two weeks behind on syncing. If it takes half a week for each reply to process the issue might be solved by the start of summer...


@trumpimar, if you are a Sync Pro user, be sure to include your License ID with your Zendesk ticket.


Support priority is given to Sync Pro users in the first instance in the ticket system.

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Massive loss of files.


I have had a very similar issue where around 150Gb of files were deleted on the imac I am using as a "file server".    I understand from the support team ( a ticket is open) that no analysis of the issue can be given as to why this happened because there are no debug logs. Logs are not automatically created of sync activity so to be able to get support you need to turn debug logs on (in preferences/advanced).  Enable debug logs on all devices if you want any useful support.  Not sure why then debug logs are by default set to off.?!


Weirdly when I actually enable debug logging no file is created within my file system (on all three macs) - yes I have unhidden the files


In my case unfortunately a number of files have been completely lost but that majority are in the hidden archive folder .sync


I can only think that this occured due to a problem I had where the selective syncing setting was somehow turned off on my other devices, thus in the process of turning selective syncing back on I can only assume that it resulted in some files syncing "as deleted"


Lessons learned: debug logs should be turned on when using a new piece of software .  Be exceptionally careful with the sync all (on/off) setting

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We have the same Issue. Files where created on a pc which has read/write access. on all devices "disable_remove_from_all_devices" is true, except on the owner. on all devices selective sync is activated, except on the owner.

and now files where deleted and are only in the archive present. why? nobody deleted them

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