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  1. tux, can we get the update to 1.4.110, please? thank you! jaithn
  2. hey guys, i have updated to the new 1.4 version and cannot access the webgui anymore. what happend? Maybe it has something to do with SSL? But https:// in front of my url doens't work. What can I do? thanks for the help, jaithn
  3. hey, I am talking about something like your syncnode. Any chance you are releasing the code as open source? jaithn
  4. Hey guys, I would really be interested in getting the code of a btsync webgui like the ones shown here. Are there any open source versions? Or people interested in creating/releasing their code as open source? thanks, jaithn
  5. +1. I would like to have it like the functionality of the iphone app. i can browse through all files and can choose which ones to download and/or sync! thanks
  6. hey tux, how can i restart btsync-gui from the terminal? thanks, jaithn
  7. hey guys, do you know https://www.boxcryptor.com/en/boxcryptor-classic? Does anybody of you have experience with this software? Greetings, jaithn