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  1. You probably have the Network Recycle Bin active on the QNAP, if you delete a file on the PC is also deleted on the NAS. But this file is copied to the network recycle bin (folder @Recycle) and then transmitted to the PC.
  2. You can change the configuration in the file sync.conf!
  3. Hi, with QNAP I've also had several problems (see here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/31852-error-in-the-synchronization-of-existing-folders/, here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/31906-qnap-and-file-ownership/ and here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/31699-random-port-bugged/) at the end with the last version I'm good. But I had to manually install BTSync. Remember, however, that BTSync is still in beta and some defect is present. But BTSync is growing well ...
  4. I use a dedicated server, I have the complete management of my data and the prices are very low thanks to OVH!
  5. Hi Guys, I have two QNAP NAS with BtSync installed. I installed BTSync manually to get the latest version (1.4.83 Beta), because the packet QPKG provided by QNAP which is still at version 1.3.x. But I have a problem in the permissions/ownership of the files that are synchronized, they are stored with the username "admin" and the group "Administrator". This does not allow a normal user to delete or edit files. Unfortunately, the Unix system QNAP and limited and I can not use the command "sudo" or "sudo" to start btsync as a normal user. Do you have any idea to solve the problem? Thanks Andrea
  6. @RomanZ I'll update! Annoyed at not being able to use the GUI, it is difficult to check the status by reading a log file very long. I decided to re-enable the GUI, eliminating the previous synchronizations. If I use the key I still have the same problem (both peers are not seen), but if I use the share link all goes well and the synchronization part! Now I have a problem with permissions/ownership, synchronization is performed by ADMIN user and him group account. But I wish it was made ​​by another user. On the QNAP NAS seems difficult to implement this change. But I'll open a specific 3d ... Thanks Andrea
  7. Thanks! Can I donate for this project?
  8. Yes, correct! In the "NAS A" was to enable the Web GUI. Add folders, known hosts and I copied the key to reading and writing. The key then the use for the "NAS B". In the "NAS A" and "B NAS" option was turned UPnP, and I verified that the doors were open on the modem Fritz! Box. Today, however, I disabled the Web GUI on the "NAS A" and "B NAS"! I prefer to keep both UPnP disabled in the network, with the Web GUI Active is impossible to set a port. Automatically changes the port, despite the file sync.conf have set the correct port (eliminating the value 0) and we have disabled the UPnP. Now I don't use the GUI on both NAS. I configured everything via command line and file sync.conf. The GUI would be more convenient to read the states/log.
  9. Hi @Romanz, the two NAS are connected via the Internet. I waited 24 hours but not yet seen, I added the parameters "known hosts" but still nothing. But in the "NAS B" I created a new folder, empty, and immediately saw the synchronization started. The keys I transferred with a simple copy and paste using the GUI, I'm sure I did well with the procedure. I repeated at least twice for all eight folders. When I left the GUI on the "NAS B", and I wrote this piece of code to the configuration file everything worked! I think the GUI crashes when a directory is not empty!
  10. In the "NAS B" I set the value "shared_folders" in the file "config.conf", the GUI is not working correctly. But the "NAS A" now recognizes the "NAS B" and has started successfully sync as you can see from the image. I do not understand ...
  11. Hi Guys, I ask immediately apologize for my English. I hope I make myself understood. I have two QNAP with BTSync to version 1.4.83 Beta, I have a problem if I want to synchronize two folders already exist. In the "NAS A" and "B NAS" I have 8 folders equal (I did copy and paste by hand). I turned on the "NAS A" BTSync for all 8 folders and waited indexing. In the "NAS B" I have activated synchronization, using the private key of the "NAS A", for all 8 folders. But they are always "0 peers" and the synchronization don't part. Screenshot from NAS B: But if I sync a folder full of "NAS A" in an empty folder "NAS B" synchronization part and I see "1 peers." The "NAS A" starts to send data to the "NAS B". I do not understand why?! Thanks Andrea