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  1. I wasnt lucky enough to get an error message.... I had 4 computers, 2 at home, 1 laptop, 1 work PC. I could not get my work PC to get a link established. I figured the root of the problem was on my main PC, or work PC. Mind you, the entire life I have synced I have had slow transferers, non responsive folder links, problems with peers not getting added etc. While some of these may not be relevant suggestions, I would rather give to much info than not enough. So here is my summary leading up to being fixed. *Uninstalled/reinstalled BT2 on 2/4 of my mirrored computers, deleted settings. *Dual router properly configured (DMZ i think) *Static IPs verified, listening ports opened, and verified open with portforward network tools *PC opened UDP 3000, and UDP 3838 via router (at work) *multichannel (QoS/Rip) was activated, NAT and other settings in router tweaked slightly. *enabled windows firewall (yes turned on as I read off can be a problem as well) *verified BT sync was allowed in firewall exceptions, private and public. *outbound firewall rules:UDP 3000 allowed, and 3838 allowed (at home) *virus scanned/cleaned *after virus scan I ran a windows repair tool which has an assortment of tools to run post virus removal which fixes damaged firewalls, registry, winsock and things of that nature. Repair Tool: *rebooted *linked FIXED
  2. I always am devils advocate but I wouldnt say unlimited folders is a feature considering the program was in beta. Sharing folders is a feature, the number of folders is one of those things that you have to expect to get adjusted. I will say though that 10 folders is a very restricted and seems unreasonable, and is infact a sign of greed and forcing peoples hand to going pro. A program like this when they get it fixed up is worth 40 dollars a year, but not when its still beta without the beta tag. So many problems and shortcomings its not ready for pro. I suggested elsewhere, what about the idea of syncing folders with a sync tool into a virtual folder where syncing occurs? I did this with dropbox, I got myself in trouble doing so and made a mess, but it was viable once I sorted it out.
  3. Im not sure it would work proper, but what about using sync tools like dropbox uses to sync outside of dropbox. Perhaps something similar could be used to bypass that 10 limit and still achieve syncing. A band-aid fix perhaps.
  4. I actually didnt call any one person person out or make a specific target, it actually was intended as a general comment aimed at those who really seemed to have no vested effort into fixing their problems not only here but in virtually every thread. This is just where I had a little outburst. After I spent probably 12+ hours hopelessly trying to fix firewalls and router configs on 4 computers and 3 routers to narrow down my problem,getting the folder (1) problem, and general frustrations of setting up BT2 I have been a little annoyed. Mainly because I spent half my time sifting through useless posts of people complaining but nobody really helping them or viable solutions being posted in a fashion that actually pinpointed or helped solved the problem. At any rate, I am not the person I made myself out to be and I am not to bullheaded to admit I made a mistake by posting so hastily and with the tone I chose. If it was taken personal, and you or anyone else was offended I do apologize. I am here to learn and to help, I did neither with my post.
  5. I would remove the folder from the devices, put all your eggs in one basket, delete the .sync data and add it again and see if that helps. If not, maybe add it from the second device. Do you have a complex ignore file or would your folder name/contents be something which may be getting picked up and ignored? Maybe an easier option just to test the theory would be to make a copy of the folder (if small enough), rename it, delete the sync data and add it with its new name to see if the behavior is repeated. You likely could set your computer to only connect to the folder with place holders and you will see in seconds if the files were distributed properly. Not really any concrete solution as I am a noob myself, but one thing I learned is to try to trouble shoot things in a way which eliminate variables and the .sync folder has been my problem more than once!!! I just spent countless hours (likely about 10) trying to figure out my router/firewall issues sorted. Was far to common of a problem yet so hard to solve due to lack of info.. so believe me i feel your pain!!!
  6. I am a mobile DJ, my music library was located on the C, D and M drives on my laptop. I use virtual DJ so each drive also contains a folder with vital xml database files in addition to my itunes database. For years my backups were absolutely terrible and after a fire claimed most of my DJ gear I opted to do something about it. After lots of trial and error I eventually found BTsync, but it took awile before the solution on how I could mirror the paths came to me. My solution was to buy a 2 TB external desktop hard drive, then I took this drive and I partitioned it to be about the same size as the drives I was going to sync and gave them the same drive letters as the laptop, I also and made 3 or 4 additional partitions to allow me to easily upgrade the laptop in the future and have drive letters available should I need them. So I have synced my laptop which was about 1 TB of music, 3 virtual dj folders containing VITAL database files, 1 itunes folder. These files root out of my personal and dayjob PCs, my DJ laptop and I have 1 remote computer set to read only at home syncing ALL this data as read only to a external. I will be honest, it was very hard to manage this many files under the pressure I was under, I tried to do to much to fast and paid for it each and every time. I am glad I stuck with it, I can see this being a vital tool for me and my DJ growth. I certainly have my list of things I dont like (mostly related to firewall, router and config issues), the good outweighs the bad by far!!!
  7. If you use the search feature you can easily find how to roll back to 1.4. You can still use keys via manual config if you dont link your computers. (Edit:I dont think they are actually called "keys" but its still traditional share a code type of behavior.) Its way easier this way though, add on main computer, now the folder will either be syncing to your default folder, or waiting for you to click connect when you open the program.
  8. Alright, ill be the first to say my switch over to 2.0 was very messy as I didnt stop and read/think about what i was doing/clicking and ended up with a bunch of (1) folders. While it is very frustrating, several people are making this seem like its the end of the world when really its not. Most your files are still in tact and with a little critical thinking, its not terribly hard to fix. If you invested the same amount of time into fixing the problem as you do complaining about it you would quickly see its quite fixable.
  9. I use the program to sync my mobile DJ library which spans over multiple drives and while I dont take EVERY folder its almost every folder from 2 drives roots and sync them like mentioned here. The only difference is I got a 2tb external HD made partitions on it which mimic the drives where I am copying music from and sync them to my PC. It was rather tedious to set it all up and get things dropping in the right places but having smaller subfolders to me was the trump card over having one large root folder.