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  1. Hi guys, ANDROID TV USERS: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LIKE(hit like, add +1, etc) THIS POST TO MAKE THIS REQUEST HIGHER On there are several devices with Android TV built in: - Sony BRAVIA - Xiaomi Mi Box - Nvidia Shield TV - Razor Forge TV In my case, I take a lot of media on MacMini, Dell Laptop and two Android TV players (nvidia and xiaomi), I'd like them all to be synced between each other. I've contacted support team for *.apk version, but it's work unstable on Android TV. It crashes every 1-2 days and I should restart the app manual
  2. Hi guys, Can I have an *.apk version of the 2.5.13? Thanks
  3. Thanks. I've got the version (*.apk) from current forums. And it works only via attached mouse (I've using bluetooth mouse). But the other main problem is periodically shutdown of the sync. It seems shutdown in 1 or 2 days. The node (nvidia shield) just goes offline. When I open it manually from applications on adnroid tv, the sync continue. I don't know, why it shutdown, because Shield works fine (I've using PLEX Media Server on it). All sleep options is swithed off in settings of the Resilio Sync. Why you won't add support Android TV? There is a good one - Sync
  4. I can't install it on Shield TV 2017 "This item is not compatible with your device"
  5. Hi all and especially the developers, It would be great if I could use 3D touch to upload file or photo, search files or folders. Thanks
  6. +1 It's must-have feature for backup photos.
  7. It's possible to sync 'local hosts' between all devices?
  8. Hi there, it would be great to improve support encrypted folders on iPhone. I use Sync between my local Mac mini, my iPhone, and my VPS Server. The remote VPS serves as a “cloud” that I own. Sync is definitely the fastest way for me to keep identical data on multiple machines, including an iOS app for access on the go. Examples: - macOS (online) <-> iOS (online) - macOS (offline) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (online) - macOS (online) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (offline) - etc... I don't want to store my sensitive data on VPS Server without en
  9. +1 It's a good idea to rename uploaded files from camera roll. Many other applications(like Dropbox, PLEX, Nextcloud or ownCloud) make it. IMG_0482.JPG => '2017-01-16_12-28-39.jpg'
  10. +1 for Document Picker. I want to edit txt/md files and sync via btsync.
  11. Hello! Any new about ETA for iOS API?