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  1. previewthenew

    3D Touch on iPhone

    Hi all and especially the developers, It would be great if I could use 3D touch to upload file or photo, search files or folders. Thanks
  2. previewthenew

    iOS Background Sync

    +1 It's must-have feature for backup photos.
  3. previewthenew

    [Now Implemented!] iOS - known hosts

    It's possible to sync 'local hosts' between all devices?
  4. Hi there, it would be great to improve support encrypted folders on iPhone. I use Sync between my local Mac mini, my iPhone, and my VPS Server. The remote VPS serves as a “cloud” that I own. Sync is definitely the fastest way for me to keep identical data on multiple machines, including an iOS app for access on the go. Examples: - macOS (online) <-> iOS (online) - macOS (offline) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (online) - macOS (online) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (offline) - etc... I don't want to store my sensitive data on VPS Server without encryption. If I add Encryption Folder on macOS and store encrypted data on VPS server, I've an issues with sync on iPhone - Sync consumes double amount of memory and CPU power, - Several files couldn't be available on iOS (if my macOS will be offline) I've sended requests #55434 and #55500, but there is nothing useful in that simple use case. You made a great functionality - Encrypted Folders - , please make it useful on all my devices. Thanks
  5. previewthenew

    Rename pics from phone

    +1 It's a good idea to rename uploaded files from camera roll. Many other applications(like Dropbox, PLEX, Nextcloud or ownCloud) make it. IMG_0482.JPG => '2017-01-16_12-28-39.jpg'
  6. +1 for Document Picker. I want to edit txt/md files and sync via btsync.
  7. previewthenew

    Sync Api On Ios

    Hello! Any new about ETA for iOS API?