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Remove ._* From Default Syncignore


I got bitten by this default option. I use sync to sync a lot of Android projects and data, and it turns out some of the libraries it uses have ._filename.extension. Those are all ignored by sync, and now I need to edit all the syncignore files to update it.


I don't really understand why such a broad wildcard is included. The other default exclusions seem very reasonable and limited, this one not.


Please remove it as a default.


Never mind, it turned out that all files missing where some sort of OSX cached/generated files that are not useful.

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I'd suggest we add the following:


# Finder related files
# Vim swap files
Without excluding the Finder files, the sync is in a constant sync state for me.
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In general, it is my opinion that all syncing applications should sync every file unless explicitely directed by the user to not sync certain files.


There are exceptions to every guideline, of course.  Specifically, if the syncing of certain types of files prevents software from functioning as well as it could then it is best not to sync them.


I was thinking this would be a good place to create a thread in which people could propose filespecs (filenames with wildcards) that BitTorrent sync should ignore by adding to the default IgnoreList, and why.


People can also contribute if they feel any existing or recommended IgnoreList item should be removed.


Maybe this could be a sticky.


I'll start with a recommendation:


I propose adding this to the default IgnoreList.  Why?  Because temporary files created by LibreOffice (and perhaps OpenOffice) match this filespec, and nothing else likely will.  When these files are not added to IgnoreList, performance suffers when using LibreOffice and a significant number of unnecessary transfers take place.

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BitTorrent Sync should by default not sync well known temporary files that will get deleted right after the application that created them is closed or similar files.


For a list of known temporary files please see I have not reviewed all entries there but its only for extensions of files not for specific NAMEs of the file which also exists. I could not find a list of temporary file names (or regular expressions as these names usually consist of parts of the original file name).


Maybe you could also start an inititive to standardizate this for the future :)?


Dropbox already ignores many of these temporary files per default....I would very much like to see it supported in this tool as well.

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