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I have the same problem since today (after installing Apple's latest software security update - as of 2018-02-21).

I re-verified ALL my connected peers and they have all the same time (since they all access the same ntp).

Resilio Sync still says 'Invalid time'. Unfortunately there's nothing in  the logs (or wherever) which indicates which of the peers it thinks there is a problem...

Any hint?



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On 11/25/2020 at 6:54 AM, domedele said:

I see this error "invalid time" on my mac but all setting are in order.

how can solve it?

What "setting" are you referring to? (There is no "setting" to change, only "current time").  The question is, is your mac showing the right time within 1 minute? Compare it to:

I know for sure if the time is off by 11 minutes, I'll get that error.  If its 1-2 minutes, not sure.  Under 1 minute, you won't get that error.

Most times, your computer will sync with a server on the internet and get you within a second or two. But if you just booted up a machine that hasn't been on for weeks or months, the clock will be wrong until it syncs.

tl;dr 9/10, your computer's time is not accurate enough and needs to sync with an NTP server.

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