Can't reach Resilio on QNAP

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Resilio syncing between my Windows PC and my QNAP NAS. According to the App Center on my TS-251+, Resilio Sync is installed, but when I try to open it, I get an error message "Firefox can't establish a connection to server (my NAS's IP address):14860".

How can I get control over it again?

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I updated the QNAP O/S, after that I could connect to Resilio Sync as I used to.

But unfortunately, this worked only once. When I tried again, I got the error message again.

Then I restarted the NAS once more because I thought, maybe it works again afterwards (even if only once), but it didn't.

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Thanks for reminding me of this. I updated to the now. After the update, I was able to open Resilio on the NAS. It was working there for about 1 minute, then darkened the browser window, showing

"Sync Home has stopped responding. Try reloading the page, or restart the Sync Home instance you were connected to."

I first tried to reload the page, this resulted in the error message that I reported above: "Firefox can't establish a connection to server (my NAS's IP address):14860"

Next I stopped Resilio from the NAS's App overview, and started it again after a short wait. After that, I could connect to Resilio again. This time it did not stop responding after a minute. I hope it keeps working continuously now, and succeeds to finally sync a newly added subdirectory that I created recently, to my PC's harddisk.

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Unfortunately, it did not run really long, when I returned to the desk now it showed the "stopped responding" message again.

I will reboot the NAS now. What "fragments" do you mean? How should I search them?

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Doe you analyse any logs and other files? Doe you have enough space on storage and also enough RAM? How much peers you have with which no. of files and folders? Because it seems that Resilio starts normal, but doesnt run continously because of other reasons.

Fragments means, after de-installation there are maybe a rest of any files from Resilio, you delete manually.

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I have 4 GB RAM in the NAS, which are currently - and typically - used only to around 28 or 30%. Storage is occupied with 9.82 TB to around 80%, with 2,44 TB still available.

At present, only 1 peer is on, but there could be up to 3 if my other devices are running or in the LAN. There are currently 62 folders to sync, some are small with only a few small files and sync only to one of the possible peers, others can contain subdirectory structures up to 6 levels deep, several 10,000 files and several 100 GB and sync to 2 or all of the peers, if they are online.

So far I have not analyzed any Resilio logs, from former tries to look into some (on the PC, not on the NAS) I vaguely remember that I did not understand really them. Where would I find Resilio log files on the NAS?


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  • 6 months later...

Dear all!
We suspect that there is an issue with async disk operations that leads to Sync crashing. The suggested way to prevent it from happening is adding "async_io" : false, line to resilio-sync.conf file, like this (please mind the syntax):


To find the absolute path to the file, run the following command in the terminal (Sync must be running)
ps aux | grep rslsync | grep -v grep

Prior to editing of the config, stop Sync.

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I am also having the problem with the app crashing again and again.
Unfortunately my technical skills to change the config file are not sufficient, as I am not familiar with Linux/terminal.

Do you plan to release a fixed version soon, so that the app will be usable again?


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