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  1. Just curious if you script is tied to the Quick books exe or something else. I run an attrib -r *.* batch manually.
  2. I have the same problem with 1.3.109, the My Devices tab shows 2 folders with 4 files in each queue, but the transfer tab shows nothing moving between the PCs. The files haven't changed in over 24 hours.
  3. @ richinmusic - Look into one time use credit cards, my bank offers them, I use them for every online purchase. The cards can be set to expire in as little as 2 months with what ever amount you want. Give Bitsync a number that's only good for $40 and expires in May and you don't have to worry about automatic billing. Drives my insurance company nuts, they've been complaining since November about my annual payment due in August. I'm still using 1.3.109 and will probably stay there, seems to work OK. Might sign up for a year just to say thanks to Bitsync for the great product.
  4. I would like to see sync detect when a PC is on a wireless NIC and prompt the user to continue or suspend. For some reason I haven't figured out yet sync seems to think it has about 26k worth of files to sync even though I have not changed anywhere near that amount. The files I see in the queue have not changed since November. I went through 7 gig on my wireless plan before I realized what was happening, now I have under 2 gig left for 3 more weeks.
  5. My log file size is 10 which is the default, I use 1.3.109. The sync file had grown to 76 gig. Do you want my debug file?
  6. I attached a screen print of my app data folder, the file is sync, windows says it's a text file. Debugging is on, not by mistake but because I have had at least 2 and maybe 3 instances of entire folders being emptied of Alpha 5 data. All settings in advanced prefs are now at default. Sync trash ttl was at 90, I think that may have been the culprit. I used the move feature to put my roaming folder on a separate drive.
  7. the sync file in my \Users\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync folder is 49 gig. 1. How can I set a limit on this? 2. Can the BitTorrent Sync folder live on a different drive? I can move the entire roaming folder in Win 8, just wondered about the sync data only.
  8. Is tracking server more secure than relay server? The info it the UI guide hints at that. I'm assuming pre-definded hosts were designed for WAN IPs to avoid a 3rd party relay and don't have an advantage over search LAN in a local network.
  9. >>Setting pre-defined hosts for a folder does not mean that Sync will use them "exclusively" to connect. What if relay server, tracking server and search LAN are off? Wouldn't a pre definded host list be a way of making sure only a set number of PCs could sync?
  10. >>You will NOT need to buy licenses for every computer in your personal network of mobile devices, PCs and NAS boxes. The complainers won't need to buy ANY license, they can just exercise their right to move to a different product and leave the forum to meaningul discussions.
  11. I'm still using 1.3.109, were there any changes to the crypto in 1.4 that makes 1.3 more vulnerable?
  12. @cajunzman - the only way I can stand to use win 8 is by installing classic shell It turns off metro, also works on win 10 preview.
  13. @ Roman or Marko - Why do I have "0 warning points" below my user name?
  14. I'm happy with 1.3. I have over 500 Gig on a NAS at my house synching with a NAS at my inlaw's, cloud backup without a 3rd party involved. My netbook is cloned to my laptop, double redundancy.
  15. Is ver 1.4 more functional that 1.3? Does it sync faster? I think I've read each post in this series and only recall an "enhanced' GUI as the main difference. If the GUI is CSS based, why not let the user modify to suit individual tastes? 1.3.109 meets my needs, looking forward to the finished product.
  16. Most people think of IE as a security risk, can't understand what prompted it being required. God must have been looking out for me, I usually check the forum daily for updates but missed the 1.4 announcement, by the time I started reading this thread you guys had raised enough flags for me to avoid the angst. I was delayed reading this forum because I was fighting a bug after upgrading my Mikrotik routers, the upgrade demons get you one way or another.
  17. Just a heads up to those who upgraded IE to run the latest version of bitsync, IE will auto update to the latest version unless you uncheck the auto update box under help / about. As with any Microsoft product, the term 'update' is subject to interpretation.
  18. Windows 8 refresh wiped out sync. Where is my list of synched folders stored? I don't want to have to start from scratch.
  19. Question 5 needs a "none of the above" choice or let us leave it unchecked or add Spideroak.
  20. My win 7 starter netbook was at 50% cpu use, then went to 4, then back to 50. I got a process dump, do you want it sent to
  21. 1. I had some Alpha 5 database files deleted again, not long after updating to 1.3.67. Debug was off, it's on now. 2. I run as a limited user, but every reboot prompts me for the admin password to launch Bitsync. Not a big deal for me but might be something to consider for corporate users who would not have the admin password. 3. I found this in my error log, not related to the files but wanted you to know. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Client Date: 3/27/2014 10:30:52 PM Event ID: 1014 Task Category: (1014) Level: Warning Keywords: (268435456) User: NETWORK SERVICE Computer: netbook Description: Name resolution for the name timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.
  22. Sorry, 7 zip was taking so long I deleted the 50 gig file from the win 8 laptop but did send the sync.old.log file from the netbook that deleted the files, did not have logging on at the time.
  23. yes I have 1.3.67 installed, log_size 10 The folders were both on the hard drive on a partition using TrueCrypt. No other files were deleted that I have noticed. Any idea how I can get the log file down to 10 gig? I don't want to remove and reinstall if that means I have to recreate all my syncs.
  24. My sync.log is 48 gig.
  25. I installed 1.3.67 on a win 8 laptop, when I looked at the history tab it showed that the netbook in my office had deleted an entire folder from both PCs. The netbook has 1.2.91. I have not used the netbook in weeks, I don't know why it deleted the files. I was able to recover them from the archive folder. Can I send you log files to see what happened?