Ms Office: Don't Have Permission To Write To The Selected Folder

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I can confirm that this issue still happens for me with MS Access too.  To test, set up a sync containing an Access database, open the database, then choose to compact it.  Usually, on the first occasion, it just fails.  If you persist them sometimes the process gets interrupted at a critical point and stranger things can happen.  I have also had to resort to a backup before, although it's been a while.  Now I make sure that I close sync before compacting :(.

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@lupus, @Hopkins

While we investigate issue with MS Access in our lab, you may try the following workaround:


- Close Sync

- Open "FileDelayConfig" file (resides in %appdata%\BitTorrent Sync)

- add the following text to the end, before trailing "}":

, "​*.accdb": 10, "*​.laccdb": 10, "​*.mdb": 10, "*​.ldb":10

Pay attention to the leading comma and the fact that no commas should be before closing curly bracket.

- Launch Sync. See if issue still happens.

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7 hours ago, lupus said:

the problem is not solved....sorry to say that. if the process of compressing the access-database needs more time (for example 1 second), i have the same error-message like ever.

Have you tried making the FileDelayConfig changes RomanZ previously suggested? If so, have you tried increasing the delay values for your Access file types? - For more information, please see this Help Center article.

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@lupus That's rather strange. Since 2.3 we are using very special API which allows us to detect the fact that file is busy without actually opening it (and, as a result, preventing Access or other apps from opening files for exclusive use). I'll send you instructions in PM on how to debug.

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If your MS Office doesn’t allow you to write to the selected folder then the problem is may be in the Office suit.

For fixing up this mess I suggest you to run MS office diagnose and repair utility.

As I found this MS Office repair inbuilt utility tool very useful to fix any kind of issue generated in Office applications(Excel, Access, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint).

So try MS office diagnose and repair utility once, as it costs nothing.

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