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  1. maybe A and B are not online the same time always
  2. i am using your szenario. do the following: create ONE share/secret. set this secret up on all 3 machines. manually edit the options on A and B and C disable EVERY option like "relay" and thia stuff. unmark EVERY option there. then mark the option on the bottom "predefined host" and on A and B enter the ip and port of C. restart btsync on all 3 machines. should work then. if A and B are connected through VPN or something like that, they may still connect to each other. then you have to set up your firewall to prevent that
  3. alone the fact that these "companies" try to mimic bittorrent, but are in no way related to it, would be reason enough for me to mark them as "scam"-sites. They only want your data and money. They have FULL access to every of your files and if you share a write-access key with them, the, can delete all your data on every of your devices by one click. I just mention it, because i think it's a big big mistake to use these offers. As Marco told you, just get a simple NAS and you have your always-on-cloud but only you keep track of them and the keys.
  4. ok, your syncing folder is the 2nd bad idea you could have in this folder lies the registry of your computer. the registry is changed many times a secound, so btsync will never finish. also in this folder are ALL twmporar internetfiles, which are many many thousands and the, also change every secound. many many more "bad" things for syncing are in this folder. if you want to sync your documents+picturea, you need to select them seperately in btsync. This folder is a system-internal folder, it's almost as bad as the windows folder ^^ btw: i hope that not both laptops are using the username "bo
  5. No. Btsync synces files not information about which file is beeing accessed from which process.
  6. you do realize, that btsync encrypts the transfer but not the data on the local drive? so just warning you: the website before, btsync.com, is no official site. no money there goes to bittorrent AND all the data you sync over them is in PLAONTEXT on their harddrive. Please don't fall for all the trap-sites...
  7. BTsync needs to index every file you want to sync. So you should watch, what folder(s) you are syncing for example, syncing the whole c:/windows of a pc, is the worst idea you could have. it wouldnt work because a bunch of reasons. btsync is made for syncing a ceetain folder with for example pictures, documents, music, code or anything else. so if you are not syncing the whole windows-folder, then what folder are you syncing? maybe we can help you then
  8. the changes in the files are reported to btsync from the OS most of the times. the folder rescan interval is a fallback solution for the case a change was missed. i use your scenario every day and it works. maybe you have some wrong config? does the clients see each other in devices-tab?
  9. Hi there, not sure, if i'm on the right section here, but i'll give it a try I want to get the actual connected Devices of a BTsync-client. And i want to get them "external" somehow, so i can work with the data (XML, CSV, whatever). What would be the easiest way to to this? The client is running on Windows 64 Bit (server 2012). Thanks in advance spYro
  10. Hi A question regarding the 50 Peer Limit. Is this limit for devices or shares? If i have 2 Computers syncing and, for example, 51 folders to sync, would this work? Thanks in advance spYro
  11. hi To help you better: 1. What files are in the syncfolder and which are deleted? (filename + extension) 2. please give us the full path on the syncfolders of the mac and windows machine (you may "xxx" private names in the path) 3. When these files get deleted and you dont put them back there, will other files get deleted after some time again? 4. Are you modifiying these files somehow? or open them? are there some other sync-tools running like dropbox or something else? Best wishes Spyro
  12. the folder you are syncing can be on readonly FS i think. just put the readonly key in BTsync and prepare the syncignore before putting it on the readonly, if needed. BUT the program itself will most likely not run on a readonly FS, because there are meta-data that will change maybe (cache, trackers, and more). Hope this helps PS: Dont forget to disable the archive function. Otherwise ot will try to write in the hidden archive-folder sometimes
  13. put both buffers to 100 (recv and send), helped me to raise my speed from 50℅ to 100℅ edit: this should NOT help for many small files but for normal or big files it sure helps
  14. try to create a subfoldet and put the file there. Will the subfolder be created on computer 2? if yes, is the file still missing? the history is still buggy, so dont pay attention to it in this case.
  15. Wasn't it the fault of the OS? If i remember correctly BTsync has no hardcoded peerlimit o.o