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  1. Everything is looking good. You can follow this guide to report the issue to developers
  2. You can start from: 1. Rename file when btsync in IDLE state (no upload\download activities); 2. Rename file when btsync in ACTIVE state (downloading\uploading files); If rename will fail at step 2, try to decrease length of file path and repeat step 2
  3. Can you please be more specific and describe problem step by step? OS type and version, error messages (if any), some info what you did with btsync before...
  4. Try this solution: 1. Remove password from web ui 2. Shutdown btsync 3. Comment lines in config: /* "login" : "user", "password" : "pass"*/4.Run bstync with config.
  5. Question about external SD-Card: storage device via Y-cable?
  6. .sync folder is located in btsync working directory. You should create debug.txt with FFFF in .sync folder and restart btsync. After that you can check sync.log
  7. --------------------------------------- Did you checked Events Log in Control Panel\Administration after PC restart? Please check that in Advanced options of btsync application "low_disk_priority" parameter is set to "true" I think that your pc hardware is causing this. I'm using btsync with Win 7 x64 for sharing more than 100 000 files and didn't see critical lags during indexing
  8. Are you sure that all inotify watches are taken by btsync? Here is a good solution to find out who is taking all inotify watches: