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  1. Wow dude you are a genius!!! You managed to fix something that BTS support can't seem to figure out despite logs and an extensive description. 1) Yes, you're right. Rather ironic that using the central feature of BTS 2.0 breaks the app completely. I cleared my app data and reconnected after giving my S5 its own identity and ta-da! BTW if anyone gets some total garbage error like "Cannot identify the destination folder," do this: Disconnect the problem folder. Use an advanced file manager like ES File Explorer an enable the Show hidden items option. Navigate to the folder you're getting the error with. Delete the .sync folder. Try connecting the folder in the Android client again. It should work this time.Hope this helps everyone, but I cannot overemphasize my disappointment at solutions for core functionality bugs for PAID PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE PRODUCT coming from forum users instead of official support channels or staff members. So far the Android app still hasn't been updated, which pretty much leaves any Pro users who haven't been to the forums with non-working product. BitTorrent, you cannot survive doing business this way.
  2. Ah, I do have that unticked, which explains the client behavior. Thanks!
  3. So I thought setting sync_trash_ttl to "0" meant your client didn't retain previous versions of files or deleted files. In fact, that's how it works across my machines. However the documentation says "0" actually means deleted files are "always" retained. What am I missing?
  4. Disabling debugging logging worked for me on Windows. Also, ensure you're using the latest 2.0.85 build.
  5. Thanks. The Android app desperately needs an update too.
  6. Several Google searches and searching the knowledgebase for "Android log" produce instructions on how to find Windows and Mac logs only. Where do I find the Android ones?
  7. I've filed a bug about this really, really bad issue. In the mean time, I've stopped using BitTorrent Sync and am gonna try SyncThing for a bit. Sorry, but this kind of (nonexistent) reliability is too serious to not look for alternatives at this point.
  8. Same problem here on the Windows client. Folder settings aren't being retained at all.
  9. Same problem on Windows 8.1. Since I updated to 2.0 my primary machine's monitors won't sleep due to inactivity as they should.
  10. 1) 5) 7) Log files too big. Might have to file bugs and upload that way 2) 3) Workaround gives error 106 in Android client. Which, BTW, after clearing all data and starting from scratch, refuses to connect any of my folders (despite displaying them). 4) Running 2.0.81. Forcing an update check says that's the latest available.
  11. The error popped up for me on the Android app again after it froze on me several times and I had to Force Close. The issue gets even worse: attempting to reconnect the folder after a disconnect does NOTHING for a long time, then creates a duplicate folder ... Guys, as I've said in my previous posts, this is officially the worst paid software product I've ever used. I used to be a BTS fan but I can't recommend it to anyone now. I've never had something fail this badly at its core functionality. Please fix it.
  12. Sorry for the general post, but I'm at my wits end with this release, which is so ridiculously buggy. Where to begin? FIrst of all, I'm running Sync 2.0 Pro across 2 Win 8.1 x64, 1 Win 7 x64, and 1 Android 4.4 device. 1) Folders belonging to an identity do NOT show up in devices connected to said identity (or otherwise take forever to show up). I have 8 Sync 2.0 folders on a source PC, but only 4 are showing up on my devices at all. The other 4 are apparently lost in space took 20 minutes to show up. All my devices are on the same LAN, so that's literally crazy. 2) What is up with the default file path setting? It's stupid, the entire point of Sync is to NOT have to alter your file hierarchy for syncing. User\BitTorrent Sync\ makes no sense whatsoever. The client should NOT create file paths unless explicitly instructed to do so. This is really horrific UX, guys. 3) If you try to connect a folder on the Android client using a custom path, literally NOTHING happens. The only workaround for this is to remove the folder from the Android device, which (according to the warning) removes it from all your other devices too. EXCEPT IT DOESN'T. Which is a bug, but thank God for that because without that malfunction custom paths are impossible. 4) Desktop client routinely and randomly forgets folder settings. Enable "Sync All" on a folder, come back a few hours later to discover that it's been randomly disabled. 5) Folders with 120GB+ of media are being reported as size 0 KB. 6) In tandem with #4 above, folder preferences magically change on their own. Archiving deleted items gets enabled out of the blue, DHT searching is disabled, etc. 7) Android client shows 0 peers connected, but 16.8 MB/s down. I guess the ability to download from nonexistent peers must be a new one. Great addition, guys /s Seriously guys, you CANNOT call this a Pro product with flaws like the above. Not even close.
  13. Mine didn't go away at all, but that's a great idea to prevent that problem. Good thinking, I'll make the edit. Update: edited and credited you.
  14. In the Android 2.0 client: if you disconnect and then attempt to reconnect a folder,* the folder will fail to add if you specify a custom path unless the custom path contains the folder name, in which case BitTorrent Sync appends a child folder to the path. For example: for a folder named "Documents," BitTorrent Sync will fail to add CustomPath/Folder/ if you want CustomPath/Folder/Documents. BUT: If you specify CustomPath/Folder/Documents, BitTorrent Sync will create a CustomPath/Folder/Documents/Documents path instead, which leads to obvious problems. The only workaround I've found for this is to disconnect and remove the folder from the Android device, then manually re-add it to the custom path by sharing a QR code from the 2.0 desktop client. This workaround brings up a serious philosophical point: per BTS' own documentation, removing a folder in this fashion should remove it from all your devices. Yet the fact that it doesn't (or at least does so slowly enough so that the above method works) allows me to workaround the above pretty nasty bug. In other words, this puts the user in the extremely awkward position of using one bug to fix another. I've never experienced that in all my aeons of beta testing/troubleshooting. Can this be fixed soon? *I had to disconnect the folder to fix a "110" error.
  15. I was having this problem on both my PCs and my Android phone and fixed it. Blogged the solution here. Hope it helps everyone.
  16. Do this instead: Disconnect the folder.Connect the folder using the same menu as the previous step. BTS will ask you for the folder path, choose the same one you had before.BTW devs, I think there's definitely a good deal of confusion around connecting folders as opposed to connecting devices in an account. This is powerful stuff, but it's pretty tough to understand.
  17. No they're not. A truck and a sportscar can both be used for grocery runs, but are not the same vehicle.
  18. A few things: It's sad that free features in 1.4 didn't carry over to 2.0, especially when we were assured they would. That said: Perspective point A: this is still the sync solution with the best cross-platform support. Perspective point B: it's still more capable than Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. Perspective point C: the only alternative paid P2P product I know of, Cubby, costs ~$90/year. I know this as a Cubby refugee myself. If that doesn't make you feel any better about the situation: Look into - and donate to - Syncthing, a completely FLOSS alternative, albeit one that's at a considerably less advanced development stage than BitTorrent Sync. Furthermore: One of the problems with developing a project like this is there's no intrinsic business model for it as P2P by definition relies on resources at user-owned nodes rather than 3rd party servers. As such, the only way for developers to profit is to introduce artificial constraints such as the ones seen here. Personally, in terms of sheer platform support I think the Sync team has done a yeoman's job. But if that's something you're not prepared to pay for - and there's nothing wrong with that - do be prepared to contribute to a viable and actively developed FLOSS alternative, as well as for the somewhat slower development pace that may come with that.
  19. FWIW the GUI appears almost immediately in v2.0. Hang tight, guys.
  20. AFAIK I did neither of those things. I've uninstalled both and reinstalled the 64-bit 1.4.103 build, so hopefully the issue goes away.
  21. I have separate entries for the 1.4.103 and 1.4.72 version in my Programs and Features. It would be nice if future builds don't have this issue.
  22. Good luck finding any competing enterprise products that offer unlimited storage and >1M file support for $40/year. Also, you do realize you can roll your own offsite backup with BTS, right? All it takes is having a few peers located elsewhere.