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  1. On the second computer you will have to readd the folder (and associated secret). Once it's added, BTSync should index the contents of the folder and only need to download the remaining pieces (not the 1/3 or so that's done).
  2. I would also like to get on the bandwagon here. I would guess that compress-> encrypt-> send-> decrypt-> decompress-> reassemble would probably be the most efficient way, but I'm no engineer.
  3. You could also zip the many small files into a single/few large, and then sync that via BTSync. It should reduce memory usage quite a bit.
  4. From what I understand, for BTSync, DHT would mainly function as another way for the computers to find each other if you haven't pre-defined connections. You are correct that if they can see each other via pre-defined connections, DHT effectively does nothing. I believe DHT functions as a tracker in traditional BT, since there is no central tracker for BTSync.
  5. hmm... cool idea! I may have to install on my android phone to sync my calibre with fbreader automatically. No more manual syncs!
  6. I also would enjoy a scheduler being added (perhaps one like in utorrent). One other thing that may be nice is to be able to schedule things by peer (one peer being choked and another free perhaps), though it's certainly not necessary.
  7. I would also appreciate this. Something like the interface on utorrent for selecting the files to get would be ideal.
  8. Sometimes I've had a similar issue due to different DST settings; that's something you could check.
  9. Can you see your other computer/phone in the devices tab?
  10. you could also use another computer (if you have one) and only have the hidrive folder in the BTSync on that computer (ie computer 1 - local folder, computer 2 - hidrive folder). it's a rather clumsy workaround, and requires another computer, but it does work.
  11. I don't know that threats are really going to help anything...
  12. Did you give your friend a read/write or read only secret?
  13. About 5TB, across about 10 computers on different networks and via multiple folder shares. On the main machine, it takes about 250mb of ram, but it's working quite well.
  14. on mine, if you go to the main "My Sync" tab and doubleclick the folder names there, it opens in windows explorer. I'm not sure about other OSes though.
  15. A small question, if I may interject... What happens exactly if the storage space is exceeded on one of the devices? Does it throw an error on that device (or other devices when they try to transfer to it), or just stop syncing without notification?
  16. Even one-time keys would not accomplish what you are suggesting - after adding the folder on another device, that device can see the full r/o or r/w keys in the folder properties and share them further. I believe one-time keys are merely security in sending the key to another, so that you don't have to worry about it being intercepted and used later (ie it's only valid to retrieve the actual r/o or r/w key once; it doesn't prevent the user who adds the folder using the one-time code from seeing the actual secrets afterwards). I would like an option to approve new people accessing the folder, but like RomanZ said, it would be hard to do (even aside from concerns of where the permissions are stored) - perhaps everyone would have to approve a new access or everyone with r/w access would have to approve a new access (which would bring up the question of what if everyone doesn't approve it; is there a certain quorum or majority that would need to approve the add?). Alternately, there could be some way to designate an "owner" in addition to r/w or r/o accesses (which would bring the questions of what happens if they don't respond, how many there could be, or if something happens to their setup - how they would recover it and not have to start again).
  17. I have several flac files >50mb that I've changed metadata on since getting my sync set up. With Synctoy, doing the same thing would trigger a full resync of the file and transfer the whole thing, but with BTSync it completes in a fraction of the time. I can't definitively prove it, but based on the time that the transfer takes and my internet connection, I'd say that it's transferring nowhere near the full >50mb file.
  18. You can check via devices tab which computers are connected to your shares, but yes, I also would appreciate an option like this.
  19. unless your router supports installing apps and can run an ARM or other linux version of BTSync, I think you'll always need to have a computer on for it to work correctly.
  20. BT sync also puts deleted items in the .syncarchive folder, so in case they are deleted on one computer mistakenly they can still be restored. I believe the default time to keep them for is 30 days, though you can change that in the advanced options.
  21. For me, I went through a similar process. It seemed to work for me without re-copying the files, so perhaps you may find what I did helpful. I was using a hamachi/synctoy setup previous to BTSync, with both r/o and r/w folders. Previous to my transition to BTSync (made due to pause/resume, parallel transfers, and no LAN required), I made sure the folders were fully up to date via synctoy. I then added the folders on one computer to BTSync, waited until it finished indexing there, and then added the folders on the other computer (with appropriate r/o or r/w settings). Initially, it showed 0 kb in 0 files on the main tab on the destination, and reported the full file size as needing to sync on both computers in the "devices" tab (showing as needing to upload from the source, and needing to download on the destination). As it scanned, on the destination computer it would flash files in the "transferring" tab and then show them as finished syncing in the "history" tab (like you described above). On the source computer, it would flash the same filenames in the "transferring" tab, but with up/down rates of 0.0kbs, and it never showed them in the "history" tab. During this process, the filesize showing in the "device" tab remaining to be synced would gradually decrease as the destination computer indexed (much faster than my internet connection is possible of, I might add; thus I'm reasonably certain that it never transferred more data than file hashes to verify the integrity of the files already on the destination), until it finished and I got the "Finished syncing with [computer]" in the "history" tab on both computers. After it finished syncing/indexing, I added files on both computers to test the r/o and r/w capabilities, and it worked flawlessly at detecting them and transferring as needed. As noted, I did this for both r/o and r/w folders (with some r/o folders also having the "restore modified files" option checked) and it did index the files already there successfully. I believe that out of 5+TB of data, it only re-copied perhaps 20-30MB in partial pieces of files (I think those being metadata that had been changed in a r/o folder by a media player on the destination). Perhaps your problem could come from leaving some of the .sync files/folders? My directories were identical prior to adding the folders to the source/destination computers, so I never had the .sync files/folders on either until they were autocreated when I added them to BTSync.
  22. thanks for the quick responses! it's not a killer issue, but could make BTSync easier to use added as requested - http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/8620-wishlist/page-51#entry81629 Yes, but the previously-deleted files aren't listed in there from what I could tell; only the default items and others I personally added. If previously-deleted files were just listed there, then it would be simple to re-enable syncing of a previously-deleted file. (if I understand right, you would just delete the line for the folder/file in the .syncignore, save the changes, and then after saving, the changes would be detected and the sync start. Is that right?)
  23. As requested here (http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/29143-read-only-file-deletion-question/) I would like to suggest that the ability be added on a read-only sync to remove individual files/folders from the list of ignored items after they have been deleted. Currently on a read-only sync, it will just forever ignore things after they are manually deleted (even if the user on the read-only folder decides that they really wanted that file). They will have to resync the entire folder via the force-sync option to get the file back (which then would lead to them needing to delete any other files restored at the same time that they didn't want). You can check the thread above for a specific use example. So far as I can tell, previously-deleted files aren't in any kind of list that can be accessed and changed. Perhaps just adding them to the .syncignore list would be an easy fix? (if that were the case, then the user could just open the .syncignore, find and remove the line of the file they decided that they really do want, save the changes, and then it should sync) Thanks again for the awesome program!
  24. I was afraid of that. Are there any plans to enable that (or a way to manually change the list of ignored files) on the desktop clients? Other than that one issue, I'm greatly enjoying the program, so thanks very much for it
  25. I've been tinkering a bit with BTSync as an alternative to a hamachi/synctoy combo that I currently have going, and I have a question about the read-only mode that I've not been able to find the answer to in any of the FAQs. I will be having this scenario: My computer as a file server syncs via read-only secret to my sister's computer in another location. The principle items shared will be family pictures. Since my sister will be not needing pictures from every family member, she is planning to delete ones she doesn't need. I know that BTSync will not automatically re-sync the deleted items (unless the option is selected), so that should be fine. The question arises if she wants some of the deleted folders at a later time. I haven't been able to find a way to do that without either renaming or modifying the main folder on my side (which will cause a resync with all other computers) or enabling the option to force a sync (which will cause a resync for all the other files she's deleted). Is there a way to re-enable only some previously-deleted files for syncing? I did some testing and checked the .syncignore file, and the previously deleted items aren't listed there, so I'm not sure if they are listed somewhere in a way that could be changed (to allow only certain previously-deleted folders/files to be resynched). Another possible option that would be nice is a metadata or file tree option (like on utorrent) that allows selecting of files/folders to sync (I've seen it mentioned in the wishlist, but it's certainly not a necessity). Any ideas?