Blank Gui After Update To 1.4

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Problem fixed in the 1.4.93 build. I'd been using TeamViewer to remotely log in to the PC I was having the issues on, and only just realized that sometimes TeamViewer doesn't render remote browser windows correctly. When I logged into the PC directly after the latest update I saw that there was no issue.


Thanks all for your help and keep up the good work BT Team :)

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Not that I would retract anything I suggested so far, but I have actually debugged and resolved this issue [without the source code] - BTSync can send a cheque when they actually make money from it  

Nothing, if it works and you did it properly    Which is exactly the point. IE doesn't and BT didn't.  I deal with IE issues every day in large companies (>100,000 emps) and this is mostly on intr

I had de text only interface due to css not loading problem too on Windows 8. The registry trick by setting the css mime type to text/css fixed the issue for me. I would be nice if the installer check

Hi. I solved this problem with the removal tool of McAfee (find it in Google with "How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee products using the Customer Products Removal Tools" -I can't paste the link-). My problem was a bad uninstallation of a product of McAfee that installed "script proxy" that locked all local pages with scripts (Office logon, Google Drive logon, BTSync UI...).


I know a bad uninstallation of Avast Antivirus can generate the same problem. Use their own removal tool to completely uninstall it.


Good luck.

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I still get this, and it's very annoying... 


OSX 10.10

Chrome 38

Firefox 34


I should mention there is zero helpful logging anywhere.  This was after I spend 20 minutes looking for the  seemingly undocumented configuration to even get the linux client into debug mode...   All and all the user experience so far isnt that great IMHO 

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@all - today's 1.4.103 build fixes an issue with a blank UI caused by corrupt settings.

If you're experiencing a "blank UI", please update to 1.4.103 and see if that resolves the issue for you!


Nope, I have gone through this whole torturous thread tried everything and still have the @!#$ blank screen.


I love IE it is awesome.  Using it in BTSync is just brilliant.


Is this working for anyone?

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I have installed BTS 1.4.106 on my nas WD Mybook Live. I use Windows 8.1 and IE11 and Chrome. Immediately after the installation the webGUI was present, but it got bank after some time. I have now gone trough all the proposed fixes here but no solution. 

No problem with BTS on my other NAS Qnap TS-251 or my computer. 


Is there a solution or should I go back to 1.3.103

Sorry - the WebGUI appeared after som time. It seems to work. 

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same problem here on a Raspberry after having installed the latest stable – 1.4.103
tried with Firefox 36, Chrome Version 41.0.2272.64 beta (64-bit) and Safari on OS X 10.10.2
if it takes so much time to show at least a notice on the page can help...
will let you know if/when the web page shows up
Added after about two hours:


got it now! WOW its exactely the same as the desktop version!!

Thanks a lot Bittorrent :-)

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