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  1. A linux system admin could run BTSync via Docker and connect it to your www directory via shared hosting (assuming you're using shared hosting). It would be tedious, and time consuming and I doubt you would find someone willing to do it. But sure, it's totally possible. BTSync would download your entire root web hosting folder and you simply add your files to your BTSync directory on your local machine and they're synced to a web facing directory which would then be accessible (after transfer) via anyone on the open web.
  2. I'm gonna post this in hopes that anyone who wants to put Sync on a Raspberry Pi might see it:
  3. The ability to set capacity caps for a given folder via the API would, I'm sure, a very highly sought after feature. Use Case: (hypothetical) I have a dedicated server which I use for backup storage -- a friend would like to use my online storage server as well. I agree, but I'd only like him/her to use a maximum of 1GB of storage space. Using the API, I should be able to set any given folder which is attached to his specific secret key, an (admin) set maximum storage value. This is a highly useful feature when thought about at length.