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  1. No, this is fully compliant with US HIPPA laws. Additionally, the servers aren't net-facing and are specifically denied requests to the open Internet -- both ways. This means that even though the server is connected to a network that has the ability to access the open web, any and all requests that are non-local are denied at the hardware level. This means that you have to manually update the client but there is a zero percent chance that your data can be accessed encrypted or decrypted from anything that's not within the local network. Moving from there it's up to you to secure your local business network -- which for this instance uses WPA2-Enterprise (TKIP) in which each client is given a different encryption key to the server. This means that even if an attacker was able to access the local network by whatever means, the key they used to decrypt traffic wouldn't allow them to see unencrypted data regardless; meaning the data would be protected by WPA2-E TKIP and the BTSync keys. You can even add additional security by throwing shared keys into the mix -- but it's really overkill at this point.
  2. Just tested on 32bit Windows Vista via VM, no issues, installs no problems. Ensure you're right clicking to install as an administrator.
  3. A linux system admin could run BTSync via Docker and connect it to your www directory via shared hosting (assuming you're using shared hosting). It would be tedious, and time consuming and I doubt you would find someone willing to do it. But sure, it's totally possible. BTSync would download your entire root web hosting folder and you simply add your files to your BTSync directory on your local machine and they're synced to a web facing directory which would then be accessible (after transfer) via anyone on the open web.
  4. You could add the external hard drive via samba as a network resource and map the drive as you would a normal hard drive, then simply setup BTSync on the local machine and have it sync to the network folder. But regardless, you still need to satisfy the necessities of the BTSync program, which requires two devices to create a viable network connection. So technically yes, this can be achieved, but only if you have more than one computer, or device compatible with BTSync, and is able to map networked drives.
  5. This is a limitation of the Raspberry Pi unit itself. The internal processor is unable to handle the needed calculations to chunk the data and send it downstream.
  6. I do work for a doctor in my area (D.C.) who was working with a software suite called ChiroTouch. The program stores all patient data in a database located on the local hard drive. Naturally the doctor was worried about data corruption and loss and was in the market for a backup solution. The ChiroTouch software comes with a paid backup solution to a secure cloud server run by the ChiroTouch dev team, however, it costs $59.00 per month per computer (4 computers or $236/mo or $2832/year). Being a small practice this type of expense is prohibitive; enter BTSync. Because of New York state HIPPA laws, the program must operate with at least 128-bit encryption and run behind (if wireless) WPA2 encryption standards. Disabling any outside connectivity via the BTSync setup enables the transfer to be HIPPA compliant and a viable backup solution. Each terminal (HP 420-1000t) comes with a 2TB 5400 RPM SATA 3G hard drive allowing for more than enough space to backup the database (2,000 patients @ 13GB in size). I setup BTSync on all computers and created a distributed backup system (using read-only keys) to all terminals meaning the office would need to suffer simultaneous (x4) catastrophic system failure to remove the possibility of data retrieval. (Or a fire would probably do the trick) Since the solution uses free software (BTSync) and hardware that was already on site, BTSync is saving this doctor $2832/year in operational costs for as long as he uses the ChiroTouch program. I highly encourage anyone who owns a private practice to invest the time into knowing the positives and negatives of a self hosted backup solution. I hope this ended up helping someone.
  7. I can easily see this as becoming a very influential project in the near future. Excellent job! Preview for anyone Interested: My Vole Key: BL6YGCCGBAA25P3JB5OSHNTPUO3RX43U6
  8. Any time you have multiple antivirus running at once, you'll have network issues. Especially antivirus with integrated firewalls, which is why I suggested these procedures.
  9. It's the environment, and you've pretty much proven it by adding that Google Drive is also experiencing issues. Try disabling any and all antivirus protection or associated firewalls (including windows firewall) and try again. If that doesn't work, attempt to manually open the applicable ports on your router, restart your computer, disable antivirus and firewalls again, and try again. If none of the above solutions work for you, then it's possible that either that's all the bandwidth that you currently have allocated to that PC (via QOS) or some other rate limiting program, such as torrents, usenet, or direct downloads. Disable any and all programs that could be 'downloading' information (torrents, usenet, ect) and try again. If none of the solutions above work for you, restart into safe mode, and try for a final time. If at any time BTSync begins working as it should, you have an issue with the way that your computer or network functions, and you'll need to fix it before BTSync begins working as it should.
  10. I currently have a contact with OVH and many other dedicated server providers to provide mass storage, however, I'm waiting for either multi user support or for BTSync to drop from alpha.
  11. Although I don't speak for the devs, the program itself is too alpha to be worrying about translations at the moment. (I'm pretty sure). This issue has been stressed many times, however, so I'm sure the team is beginning to realize that this milestone is becoming to become more and more crucial. I would suggest, however, that you amend your original post with the languages in which you are supremely fluent and would be able to make a 100% translation for. This would help the team recognize for which languages they're able to translate into first.
  12. Potentially means nothing to me. Prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are using 128-bit AES instead of 256-bit AES and I'll demand an explanation -- not before. Since you're not a first hand programmer, and are not fluent in the way that the application was designed, or released, I'm more inclined to believe the original statements of 256-bit AES in lieu of 128-bit AES; as that's what I've been told and have not been told otherwise since. Secondly, any cypher mode could potentially, in the eyes of the programmers, put the entire protocol at risk if released. Although it does look suspicious I won't immediately rebuke their decision to keep such information away from public view. EDIT: Ask and you shall receive.
  13. You're going to have to be patient. There is also a thread open about this in the BTSync Insiders forum; we're awaiting reply from the devs. For the meantime, you should assume that any and all prestanding terms of service related to any and all bittorrent products are concurrent and in effect.
  14. Задавать вопросы на английском языке было бы самое лучшее для вас сделать, так как большинство на этом форуме, вероятно, только говорить по-английски.
  15. Even if you were to successfully setup a service such as this, and get it working correctly, it in and of itself is NOT a proper CDN. I just wanted to clear up that misunderstanding. That being said, this is a pretty good idea, however, I just don't see how the stock BTSync app would not be able to fit this purpose? Maybe if you could elaborate a bit more on your idea, that would be helpful.
  16. Just finished updating. Takes about 2 minutes to resync everything, after which it's all running like a dream. I've noticed a speed increase with file transfers between my phone and PC on the same local wireless network. I've never noticed the memory issue (because of my insane PC specs), but good work on this build everyone! Kos, if you could keep me in your thoughts as to my previous request (via PM) I'd greatly appreciate it. (no rush though).
  17. Who the hell ever told you that lie? There are literally tons of AV programs for Mac. If you need one, use this: http://www.avast.com/free-antivirus-mac But here are more: http://download.cnet.com/mac/antivirus-software/ (~37 of them) Good answer. 5300 connections is a bit more than suspicious, but I really think it's just network interference within the bittorrent network.
  18. That's true with production ready software, as per the application development life cycle, however, until this application is out of beta, helping you fix an issue that is already well documented is kind of pointless; hence yottabit's reaction to your initial post. Not to mention he wasn't exactly incorrect; when working with software like this, which is attracting a developer culture, you're asking people who are pretty advanced with networking and computational trifles to basically complete a simple forum search for you by opening a new thread. Glad everything worked out for you.
  19. The BTSync app is being used by many different types of people. We do the best we can with the language barrier. After re-reading this thread, I really don't know what I was thinking about in my last post. I must have read the parameters incorrectly. I'll simply say that the file does not get redownloaded because of the stipulations with the read-only key.
  20. For anyone still lingering with the same issue; the different BTSync app versions do not work with each other due to updates in the transfer protocols. Until the BTSync app is out of beta, always ensure that you're using the exact same versions (when possible) between all nodes.
  21. First, attempt to fix the issue, as Harold suggested, by upgrading to 1.1.22 -- if that doesn't work, post your advanced preferences under the preferences tab in the BTSync application.
  22. I really don't think you understand what syncing is, do you? Might wanna look into it. I think he's asking why the changes are synced -- which is just about a borderline 'stupid question.'
  23. This has been discussed many times, and I'm sure the BTSync team knows of the ups and downs of throwing the source online. (at least they should by now). I, also, am an advocate of making BTSync open source, however, I really don't think it's going to happen. The BTSync team has been perfectly clear that they do not intend at any time to open BTSync to the public. Even if other clients are released, they would probably never be as fast, or work as well as BTSync does now, even in Alpha. The BTSync team really has nothing stopping them from throwing this into CC, but nothing to incentivize it either. TL;DR: Probably not going to happen.
  24. Unless the content is dynamic, I really don't see why you can't just copy the information that you need to be synced into the sync folder.