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  1. Hi Neinstein, the cheapest solutions I found are: OVH Kimsufi; Time4VPS Storage VPS (often offer 50% discounts); SoYouStart ARM Server.
  2. Hi, yes I'm still using Resilio with cryptography. All problems are solved and the system is now perfect. Some tips I can give you: * OVH cuts the band to p2p transfers, you can find another discussion here on the forum, so do not use it as a remote server. * The NAS must have at least 4GB of RAM and must be 64bit. * Initially transfer one directory at a time, too many at the same time overload the CPU.
  3. Good morning,

    Did you solve the speed problem with the Kinsufi server?

    A greeting.



  4. Are you referring to the yellow/green background that notice around the icon?
  5. Alice, Bob and Pizza! Excellent choices!
  6. Dho, I updated my devices to the previous version this morning. Thanks for the work RomanZ!
  7. @RomanZ @GreatMarko can you publish the changelog of this new release? Thank you
  8. ? You're right, I did not notice it! So it's still weird anymore ...
  9. The distribution of this update is really strange, however the changelog can be found here: https://forum.resilio.com/topic/43750-showing-upgrade-to-259/?do=findComment&comment=121945
  10. Sorry, where is this link "Added link to Customer Portal for license management"? Andrea
  11. Okay, this afternoon has ended the transfer of a shared folder. 250Gb in two weeks due to bug, 400Gb in three days! Now start the synchronization of one of the two remaining folders!
  12. Uhm maybe I solved, I have 13 shared folders. Of them 3 had not finished synchronizing, and they are the three largest folders by file and size. I disconnected two of them, the web interface quickly became fast and now about 30 minutes the sending speed is constant, 20Mb/s. Keep you up to date...