Android stops syncing, requires phone restart to fix.

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i will notice after an indeterminate number of days that my Android sync stops syncing. On examination I see that it isn't connected to peers, and doesn't seem to want to try. If I close the app it hangs on exit with a shutdown banner and spinner. Requires phone restart to get rid of the spinner and fix the syncing. All becomes good when the phone comes backup.

Htc10 on nougat. The other sync devices are a debian based box and a windows 7 laptop which behave without issue. 

All devices  version 2.6.3

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Hi there,


This seems to be happening every day now. Photos I took yesterday had synced after the phone restart but this morning's photos didn't. A quick look at resilio on the phone showed that it wasn't connected to any peers and nothing I tried would get it to connect.

A restart of the phone sets of syncing again without any other intervention.

I'm not having any other trouble with the phone. No other problem apps.


Any ideas anyone? How to go about troubleshooting this?





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