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  1. This is planned for BitTorrent Sync version 2.0. See
  2. If you delete the .sync folder in that share BitTorrent Sync won't be able to sync it anymore. Now you just have to find out how to automatically delete the .sync folder on your OS. On OS X you could use some sort of crond (I bet there is one available in brew) or with Hazel.. That would be just the easiest way to do it. I don't see this as a feature coming to the webgui.
  3. Marko, I think what he originally meant is something like this: C:/BTS/Share C:/BTS/Share/do-not-sync.ext C:/BTS/Share/do-not-sync.ext C:/BTS/Share/do-sync.ext C:/BTS/Share/do-not-sync.ext he want's to share the folder C:/BTS/Share/ - maybe carslan can verify that if that assumption is correct Because having it with the .bts extension available for download means that an end user can get a file that he maybe is not supposed to get. /e Maybe what he also means or requests as a feature is that you might have a GUI panel that pops up for a share and lists all subdirectories and files within that share. Then you can check the files and folders you want to be able to sync with a little checkbox and a tick and BitTorrent Sync starts or stops (maybe remotely deletes?) distributing these files to other instances that have that share. (Just do a google image search on dropbox selective sync and you'll see). Although, I can see that the quick answer to this would just be "If you have a folder that has a total of 5 folder and you want to share 4 of them, just create 4 individual shares or modify .IgnoreList". Maybe there is some other input needed for this idea/thought. I'll be glad to have a quick discussion, maybe in another thread so it doesn't get off-topic.
  4. Have you thought about putting the files that should not be synched into the .SyncIgnore file? You can find out about the .SyncIgnore file searching the forums or the FAQ pages.
  5. Create a link for a share on PC A and open the link on PC B - that is what he means by "manual" instead of using the "My Devices" functionality.
  6. Please see the help section
  7. You could either disconnect the share in BitTorrent Sync GUI on your work machine and put the files on your USB drive and add it again in BitTorrent Sync by using the same key, or but I can't confirm it right now because there was a bug and I don't know if it is fixed yet, you can just simple move the folder you are syncing to your usb drive without doing anything in the BitTorrent Sync GUI.
  8. Yes sure. So your scenario would be like this: Computer A Computer B Preferably the same version of BitTorrent Sync on both machines. On computer A go ahead and before adding the folder to BitTorrent Sync you want to copy all the files over to your USB Drive or wherever. The reason is you don't want to copy the .sync folder over to the drive that is created after you put it in BitTorrent Sync. If you're done with that on Computer A you would open the GUI and add that folder you want to sync to BitTorrent Sync. After it is done indexing all the files (I always wait until that is done you maybe don't have to do that but I feel more comfortobale doing it that way) you click on share and click on Copy to copy the Link. Make sure you have all the prefs right e.g. read-write or just read. On Computer B you'd copy the folder to it's final destination and then open the link you generated on Computer A. You point it to the directory of the folder and it will start index it. BUT! Make sure that the path is correct!! BitTorrent Sync GUI will add the name of the folder automatically so it seems like the folder "data" you have would like like this in the path BitTorrent Sync GUI is presenting you "Users/blah/BTS/data/data" it would put data a second time there and you don't wanna do this. Long explenation but I think that was what you were looking for. Hope you get it working
  9. This feature already exists. ./btsync --dump-sample-config >> sample-config In there you'll find the nessesary things to have a login on the gui. Please change the subject of that thread to [solved] at the beginning if this is what you were looking for.
  10. Quick sidenote, we have a thread in the 2.0 forums regarding the same idea/issue see here:
  11. ps aux | grep btsync should give you a hint which config file btsync is using
  12. Maybe one of the Team members can explain how it really works. Would be interesting to know.
  13. With the API you can make a call to get the folder with it's path but you have to know the secret but since that is ususally static once you set it up it would be just "easy" to write down the secrets in a file and save it somewhere. But of course this will only work if you have the folders set up with that BitTorrent Sync instance having the API Key in the config. With that you can basically just have a script iterating over a list of secrets and getting the folder dir. After that you just grap and manipulate the "dir:" value to your needs and execute a script calling the add folder api call.
  14. I think you haven't sniffed in a test environment how the predefined hosts work right? A predef. host will give BitTorrent Sync a hint where to find it's counterpart but that won't make it stop to just look for a specific list of clients via broadcasts. Your kind of using that feature "wrong". I would really really think about using a Firewall instead - I am not talking about Windows Firewall but an appliance like the an ASA or so.. The rule would be so simple and clear and could not be disabled by normal users. In the BitTorrent Sync GUI users could just enter another client to the predifined hosts or delete one of them.
  15. Which OS and do you also mean using the API?!
  16. But isn't that what "Name" is for? That is the name of the folder that is being shared.
  17. Good call! Haven't thought about that.. ha!
  18. Oohhh sorry now I see what you mean! So what you're saying is: On Peer A you have "My Documents\directory A\subdirectory A" you want for peer B to copy the folder structur to the "root" of your Default Path on peer A? Wouldn't it be easier to just edit the SyncIgnore file to allow only certain directories in "My Documents" acting as your Default Path?
  19. If someone is familiar with jDownloader 2.0 beta and knows how many different ways you can order the colums and enable and disable all kinds of columns - BitTorrent Sync seems so awkward compared to that.
  20. Interesting. I feel the complete opposite. I'd really like to hear your point to this just out of curiosity! So I for example have a couple shares in this kind of design: And if I see Stuff or temp all the time I really cannot say who it belongs to. By seeing the full path I know right away where I'm at when a share is starting to sync or things happen there. And I know that I can see the full path by hovering over the name of the share - that is one step to much for me. I'd like to see the path and not even the name of the share.
  21. I think you mix up things there. The Default Path is for when you add a share and a romote share of yours has the settings so it will automatically add that share and download the files. Then it will use the Default Path to store that shares data. I sent a bug report last night about being able to have a root share and share subdirectories of that root share. The subdirectorie shares will never sync on other sync instances. Only the root share will do.
  22. You can always get to a key of a share if you turn on "Show "Copy Key"" in Options -> Preferences. BUT I have to say that I +1 the request of bringing back "update keys" to shares. especially useful if you have encrypted nodes and you have to change the rw keys on normal rw shares to have them communicate to encrypted nodes on that same share.
  23. Additional: