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  1. @greywun It looks like you don't have 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents' or it's prohibited by some group policies
  2. @Starrydream Sorry to say this, but this functionality is deprecated
  3. @rd4n3el Resilio Sync never adds 'READONLY-CONFLICT' to the names of files or folders.
  4. @JonasB There is no any limitation. You can do this. Just create a share on you external SSD.
  5. @NOWadmin Server seat is needed for server OS. Server Operating System means all Windows Server group and Linux and NAS with non-arm based CPU. While Sync Home can run on these without restrictions, Sync Business requires license which can be purchased from our site - include the corresponding number of seats with server support. In case you are not using server OS you can use Business Basic seat.
  6. @Ole Wissing Did you check .sync/Archive folder? What do you see in history tab?
  7. @prasanth It's fixed in this build
  8. @TheExplorographer Could you please send us full logs from both peers?
  9. @xfelix we didn't make any changes on iOS on version 2.6.4 Which was you previous version on iOS?
  10. @NOWadmin Also I suggest you to try Resilio Connect. It has much more features & it's very flexible for different use cases.
  11. @NOWadmin First of all install Resilio Sync package on your QNAP Then take a look at this article For pricing check the following
  12. @dee could you please send us full logs and mention the names of the files?
  13. @garychen It's already working this way. Just check on test folder.