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  1. please use this build on freebsd/freenas fix will be included in next version
  2. Path to PID file was set incorrectly in systemd service file. Previous version of systemd just ignored it. The modern version fails. We fixed path. Now it works correctly on all systemd versions.
  3. Please redownload Sync from the following urls & reinstall. Fixed.
  4. Issue solved on 2.6.3 Also you need to check where the pathes on the following picture point
  6. @flammable @isaacrdz starting from version 2.6.2 it's possible to remove it
  7. @canina_pt It's a know issue in 32 bits builds of 2.6.2. Will be fixed in 2.6.3. In case anyone needs help with that, please contact support.
  8. @Til @happy.cze please write short message to support with the link to this topic. you will get a link to uploader where you will be able to send dumps.
  9. 1. Could you please send logs & all '*.dmp' files from storage folder to support? 2. Could please try to add directory as 'Standard' folder? (Not 'Advanced' one which is used by default in Pro version)
  10. @carloxp could you please check the content of the following directory? /volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/var if files exist there, copy them to a safe place
  11. @jdiamsss could you please try to install the following build ?
  12. Hi! Could you please send us logs to investigate your issue?