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  1. @foob Could you please gather logs from both peers & send them to support?
  2. We are working on this right now.
  3. @Don@fresh you can use Sync to sync file through cellular modem.
  4. @berinip sorry to hear that. I suppose you have disabled debug logs in Sync and increased folder_rescan_interval, config_refresh_interval & config_save_interval ?
  5. @felipeyes. it's necessary to check file modification time of files mentioned in history as invalid and correct it.
  6. @Pablo No. You already can do it using standard folders.
  7. @Charly Yes, it's possible. Sync uses the fastest and shortest network path by default. Also you can use 'bind_interface' option in case of complex network configuration.
  8. @Gabriel yes, it is possible. please try 'Share file'
  9. @Henrik You have to options. You can start Sync as your own user, which already has permissions or you can grant permissions to rslsync user
  10. It doesn't. No. Could you please reproduce the issue, mention the name of files and send logs from both peers to support?
  11. @asdf123123 could you please check that /home/pi/.config/resilio-sync/config.json contains "webui" : { "force_https": true, "listen" : "" }
  12. @whitenack it's not only about peers. For example if you create some file, work with it and then delete it. In case Sync was busy with syncing some other files and didn't sync this file until it was deleted to other peers, it will show you this warning message. Sync knows that this file existed, but it doesn't existing anymore on this peer. Sync hopes that at some point new peer with this file will come and it will to sync it. That's why it shows you this warning. You can just ignore it or turn it off completely. Please set 'Overwrite any changed files' in folders preferences and you'll get what you want.
  13. @esquire1968 you can use 'bind_interface' option
  14. I can't know for sure, but sometimes after windows 10 updates it it doesn't properly migrate service files C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service Sync C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service That's why I advise you to use local user setup. Looks like you need to reinstall Sync. 'Resilio Sync.exe' also should be there.