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I would absolutely love the ability to sync with (or at least Mirror a read only backup to) cloud services like Mega, Dropbox, Google Drive and Sky Drive.

What's stopping you? I have Dropbox participating in a BTSync share by way of Junction Point in Windows. When (following) symlink support is added, you should have this functionality in Linux/FreeBSD, too. You could also just share the DropBox directory directly.

If you are having a problem with this, start a new topic and the community will help.

If you want to know how I'm using Junction Point in Windows, search for 'junction point' in the forums. You'll find my post detailing how I used them to backup only parts of a Windows Profile.

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What, you don't have deduplication option enabled on your ZFS? :P

But in all seriousness, this would require BTSync to maintain hashes of your entire filesystem (or at least a subset you choose). And in this case, you typically would want hardlinks, not symlinks. Symlinks only used for directories and pointing to other filesystems.

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... this would require BTSync to maintain hashes of your entire filesystem (or at least a subset you choose). And in this case, you typically would want hardlinks, not symlinks. Symlinks only used for directories and pointing to other filesystems.

Well, I'm sure you'd know better than me what type of link to use :)

I'm thinking it wouldn't have to hash everything on the file system, just look through the hashes it already knows of from other sources before syncing the same thing again.

Let's say I have synced file X from person A. Then I add a directory from person B. If person B also shares file X (known to be identical by looking at hash), hardlink to file X from person A and pretend that it has been synced.

The reason I am proposing this is amongst other things that we're thinking of using BT Sync within the company I work for, and there are a lot of duplicate files floating around - duplicated between different projects and whatnot.

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Let's say I have synced file X from person A. Then I add a directory from person B. If person B also shares file X (known to be identical by looking at hash), hardlink to file X from person A and pretend that it has been synced.

Gotcha'. So you're saying just hardlink the files between BTSync shares. Sure, that makes sense and would be nice. Filesystem-level deduplication (ZFS) is great for saving space, but in this case the files would still have to be transferred and then the underlying filesystem space freed afterward. By hardlinking the files between BTSync shares you immediately "sync" the file and save the storage space.

Dropbox does this on their storage servers. If you copy a large file, like an ISO, to your Dropbox you'll see it indexing and then immediately state sync'd without transferring it. This is because someone else has already transferred that ISO and they're just linking the file from your Dropbox to the same file data on their end. Of course this still counts against your quota, bah! :angry:

+1 for this functionality!

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In linux set the permissions on new files and folders. I'm able to get the file permissions correct by setting umask just before running btsync but it still doesn't set the permissions on new folders correctly (trying to make both group writable).

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In linux set the permissions on new files and folders. I'm able to get the file permissions correct by setting umask just before running btsync but it still doesn't set the permissions on new folders correctly (trying to make both group writable).

You need to persist your umask by putting it in the profile of the user running btsync.

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Items disappear from the Devices tab when those devices are powered off or not running BT Sync. This makes it hard to keep track of all your peers. I suggest listing every device that has ever connected to one of your shared folders since the last time the secret for that folder was changed. And there could be an indicator for whether or not the device is currently online.

AKA - Steal CrashPlan's UI for all previously connected clients (name, connection status, speed, last connected, completion). Presumably Sync already has history logs and some kind of file information down to the "blocks transferred" level just as torrent clients do, so hopefully not too difficult to add.

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a browsable / filterable history would be great.

- history per shared older - enabling logging of history for different folders.

-Data Up/Down/Both for Individual Folders in time-dependency.

-Size of individual Folders relative Change.

It would be useful to see, how long a folder hasn't been accessed and also how much of the data they got. For example if I share a folder of fotos with my friends, i could see, if all of them downloaded the data. If the Data wasn't accessed in a while i could delete the folder on my computer to save space.

Make this data well formatted please (maybe also as an rss-stream?), so people can build nice visualisations with it.

the following filters (if the logging data is be accessable within bittorrent) would be great:

- User

- Folder

- Direction of Traffic

- Time (show results from ... till)


Donations Button :)

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- http://sublimetext.userecho.com/ userecho account to better track whishlist..

- config files should allow "~/path" everywhere we need paths. ATM it only support full path "/home/user/path"

- deep nested directories (like big .git project) are hard to sync

- provide an easy way to ignore all *.git in all directories/subdirectories

- publish code publicly, so that WE developp for you

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I have two suggestions.

First, you could somehow have streaming video and music files.

There could be a way to set the files to only appear as icons/shortcuts and when activating them stream them to the second computer.

In the long run there could be a built in conversion tool, on the fly converting and streaming, in case one of the pcs has a slow internet connection and needs a lower bitrate.

Second, we should be able to add and remove secrets in connected computers. You could be using the program itself to sync the settings of two pcs, in case there is no way to show the folders the secondary computer has it could have a temporary folder in which the files would be uploaded and when the location is finalized it could move them there.

Surely both of these are hard since it would probably need a common database of usernames to make sure two computers should be synced and the first one is something still far away from the current goals of the syncapp.

It could however use google/facebook/twitter/whatever accounts for the second feature and the first one has seen many implementations you could draw experience from.

--edited for better formatting--

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In relation to my earlier btsync --config config.json --reload request.

If I could offer an implementation detail request.

Can all the (semi) static configuration data be moved out of the sync.dat file and into a distinct config.dat file.

Bascially I mean everything that's in the config.json file (perhaps that file should be json not bencode).

The idea being that this can be used to export the configuration of a client (just grab it) and load it into another one.

It seems that some people would also like the ability to encrypt this configuration so that BTSync decrypts it on startup and loads the data into memory. This obviously means that unattended startup is impossible.

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I'd very much like an option to extend the read only access to ready only and encrypted.

So basically we could set up peers for redundancy and performance anywhere with the data remaining encrypted.

And tiny behaviour modification: If .SyncTrash is disabled in a share please do not auto-create it.

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I'm thinking about something along these lines:

1) To have both install and portable versions.

2) Configuration files like under linux, should be under windows as well. Ability to opt-out all the built in trackers etc and choose our own etc.

3) Ability to run BTSync as service. Yes, this is possible with TaskScheduler as well, but to have an option under the client itself to install the service or create the task would be nice.

4) Dropbox like ability to share single files/folders already WITHIN a share, read only, read and write and why not to have the ability to set the "time-out" feature as well (also to edit the expiration time). Useful if a person has a huge share and does not or can't move/copy files to another location and create a whole new share.

5) Have the ability to edit the time in what intervals BTSync scans the shares.

6) Have the management of .SyncTrash built into the main client WITH several options. Like the expiration time when the files in the trash are going to be deleted. The "depth" of how many versions to keep from one file. Ability to view the files etc.

7) Have the management of .SyncIgnore built into the main client WITH options to configure it.

8) Ability to generate longer secret keys than 32 characters, also not only letters and numbers, but other random symbols as well. This should also be built into the main clients key generator.

Anyway a great piece of software already. It's in alpha stage and already quite stable. The entire concept of this application is just great.
Keep up the good work!

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it would be nice to use something like uservoice.com to list what everyone wants and vote for the most useful features.
edit: or userecho like vvo mentioned above :)

Some stuff I'd like to see:
- selective sync: don't download everything, only some folders. Pretty much how you select files in a torrent.

- users/groups: read or read/write based on the login/pass (or maybe only pass) specified.

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1. This is a small thing, but would save clicks & time - when a new version of BTSync is being installed, have the program force-close the current installation.
2. Conflict resolution. I don't like that only one (the most recent) version of a conflicted file (i.e., changes on more than one device) is saved. I'd like to see something added to the file names to identify the conflict so the user can sort it out. The addition could be a device identifier, appending a different number to create a unique file name. If a user was absolutely certain that all conflicts should be reduced to one file (say, the most current), have a global option to set in the program. It could be Resolution of file conflicts: (1) keep only the most current, (2) keep all and create unique filenames. I personally wouldn't want or need an option to monitor conflicts in real time. Maybe a conflict log would be useful for large volume users.

Thanks - looking forward very much to the progress on this program - much needed!

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BitTorrent + BitCoin?

just a random thought, people have extra bandwidth, why not share a piece of a secured file, someone wants to use an always on cloud sync can have that. let me point out some key points:

* excess bandwidth through P2P

* redundant cloud type storage

* all secured according to Bittorrent with sync

* host or request bandwidth/storage for trade in BitCoin

assuming a person wanted an always on always available cloud for his/her files; they could trade for 0 balance in Bitcoins to have a cloud storage through proven P2P technologies, come on we all know how it works to seed and leach. now if they wanted they could also pay in Bitcoins for cloud storage from clients with proven storage at high bandwidths, basically a person who seeds more could make a marginal profit.

as i see it I don't need to know what pieces i'm holding of a secured file, and i don't need to know what it is. and for no cost at all i could share some of my bandwidth to these anonymous secured packets, mere incomplete pieces of a file, in order to gain redundancy and an always on virtual cloud. and there is a profit or gain for individuals who can dedicate space or bandwidth assuming there are those willing to pay for it.

I have no Bitcoins, nor stock in bitcoin, neither would i likely profit much from this. i only see an open alternative to the cloud servers from dropbox, google, box, skydrive. why get several free accounts and try to manage them all when P2P offers the same thing. and if you were going to pay anyway you might was well pay, its not a corporation that gets all the money, at least not unless they make their storage and bandwidth open and compete fairly with the little guy for a few packets.

anyone see faults in my logic? sure, the ratios would need to be worked out. I think its a good idea, which meets the needs of many people.

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I'd like to add unattended installation and configuration on Windows to the wish list. This would greatly help us install BTSync via Puppet and then use it to distribute other files needed by Puppet to all the agents and have them available when the agents finally need them.

Also +1 for running as service on Windows.



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I'd like to see a way to genrate a non-random secret, in the same fashion as 'Passwordmaker' - if there's no reason not to, my preference would be to have passwordmaker (Which I believe is open-source) integrated for creating Full or read-only secrets.

Context. Randomly generated secrets are great of course, but you have to actually share them or store them - to sync with a computer at work I have to generate the secret at home and take it with me to work, then enter it there.

Password Maker is designed for creating arbitrarily complex, but non-random passwords for websites. But, if you know the rules, the result is the same everytime. So, creating a password for my new bittorrent.com account I (don't exactly - <G>) use the following rules

(There is an online version at http://passwordmaker.org/passwordmaker.html if you wish to test the way it works.)

Master Password "PGPMbh5UjGwG2bzY" (From Random.org, just now)

URL: bittorrent.com

Length: 16

Characters: A-Za-z0-9

Hash Algorithm: SHA-256

Results: CWohK8HRcMSPkLvL

With those inputs, I will always get that output - but change the URL to yahoo.com my password the result is CWohK8HRcMSPkLvL, my capitalone.com credit card account would have the password Z127yVGfdcHiyQb5 - Since I have one safe Master Password, if Evernotes passwords are compromised and not properly stored, it doesn't put any other accounts at risk.

Well, applying the same principle to btsync, when I want to generate a *non* random secret

Master Password "PGPMbh5UjGwG2bzY"

Foldername: Graduation Pics

Length: 40

Characters: A-Za-z0-9

Hash Algorithm: SHA-256

Results: PuaLVcA2sPPYWfINm3g845ch0b50SZKlvf8FDzjU

but my LOLcats folder? Secret == ZNuvnoW6RnbpHvJhOdp88wUVwgHOb74clAKEMrRt

But since the secret is *not* random, I don't have to store it anywhere or send it anywhere - all *I* need to know is my master password, settings, and folder names. I can share an individual secret, or I can share the settings and be able to share any folders setup with those settings just by sharing the folder name.

Now, obviously integrating this into btsync is a luxury, not a necessity - I've done this personally just using password maker and my long since memorized personal settings. It also needs to be evaluated for security - I'm not really concerned about my masterpassword getting figured out from evernote, but deliberately sharing my secret for Graduation Pics, LOLCats, and Calibre Library across the Internet may mean some algortihms just aren't safe even with a strong master password.

That said, as far as having a nuanced way to share secrets goes, this or some improved variation thereof seems like a very useful system to use.


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Request: Way to filter History, if nothing more than a way to display each different computer or device and hide the others.

I have three computers using sync right now and sometimes I am trying to see what is going on on one computer, while I am doing that a whole bunch of stuff from the others happens and it breaks up the one I want to see.

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1) I think it will be great if we would got the ability to generate QR-codes with the secret URL to share the files. Example: btsync://SECRETKEY
2) Very need to got ability to download not all the files. Only wanted.
3) I would like to see the progress of downloading.
4) We very need to have ability to share only one single file,
5) It would be nice if we will got able to link shared folders through the WebDav. That gives us able to list files without downloading.
p.s.sorry for my poor english.

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