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  1. BTSync is very good, I've used it extensively (see ). Now using a 1.3 version but leaving BTSync at the end of the academic year. The limitation to 10 folders in academic projects with diverse teams and students makes it unusable for similar purposes. It's really bad to see die such a good piece of software because, from my point of view, an unfortunate commercial decision. Exactly the opposite that often less can be more... Very sorry to leave BTSync.
  2. Ah, I understand. I was thinking I'm too old to work with computers :-D so I'm happy this was not the cause. Thanks for your remark! But I see that the old interface needs less ressources than a full modern browser, and ressources are an issue, so I'll stay on 1.3 in the meantime. I have only one machine with 1.4 to generate these awesome links!
  3. I can't see this on the 1.4 interface. I did see it on an earlier 1.4 version on Windows 7 but on 1.4.103 on Windows XP (chrome and firefox browser) I see these and other settings no longer. The "Advanced" tab doesn't show any "more options", at least on my computers.
  4. 1.4 up and running, but step back to 1.3.109 Reasons: the interface of 1.4 is taking more resources than that from 1.3. With many folders and many peers I have to monitor this is important. I liked the old interface also much better. Some adjustments as lan encrypt data and sync trash ttl are gone on 1.4. Very important for me (huge files often changing on a 30 ttl basis can be a big problem with harddisk space). Otherwise 1.4 was fine, specially the possibility to send links with parameters such the folder name and a very easy installation.
  5. Probably, since there are 12 shared folders with >600 GB data, about a million files and several dozens of connected peers. On the same (old) machine other systems like Dropbox were unable to index the needed content.
  6. After a couple of restarts it seems to work! Thank you very much!
  7. Thanks for all hints! Now BTSync.exe fires up the browser (Firefox now) but I see only a blank page. CPU usage goes rapidly to 100% and the computer remains unresponsive, only the power button helps. Maybe my machines are too old (>10 years). Will continue to try, thanks anyway!
  8. Oh, I did not realise that 1.4 is ok now for Windows XP. Will give a try, thanks! Well, I tried 1.4.109 on Windows XP. No way to bring any interface up. It seems to run, but "show bittorrent sync" shows nothing, no window nor browser shows up. I'm using IronPortable as browser.
  9. Still on 1.3.109. Using Windows XP on all machines.
  10. Solved, restarting the instance brings all files again.
  11. I have the impression that the new 1.4 versions have broken some cloud instances... at least for me. Check your cloud data and keep copies!
  12. Any way to have a link from the new 1.4 version on Windows Phone for desktops running 1.3 (Windows XP)? Actually it's impossible to connect! Thanks, Pere
  13. Same thing here. No way to download it with, in this case, chromium. No problem with Firefox.
  14. Indeed it would be usefull if applying read-only one time secrets would not show the regular secret, avoiding publishing and subsequent shares. It's clear that one can copy and paste files between folders, and have the copies shared, but it is not the same. If I wish to share material with my students I can give everyone an one-time readonly code on a folder that I can update and change, but I don't wish that someone else connects to them and sees all this changes as they happen. If they give away some or all shared files, that is an explicit fraudulent action that can be investigated and prosecuted. With a visible common sharing code that can be leaked this is more difficult if not impossible.
  15. Great version, thanks! This way I can use BTSync again (was having trouble with old versions reappearing on an older build, months ago). It's very good now.
  16. Also here. Deleted files and folders reappear, and most updated files revert to older versions. Also new files are being lost if a sync machine was some time offline and reconnects. It is as a long time being off machine imposes its stand over all others. And yes, the clocks on all machines are correct (keept synchron with SP TimeSync, all in UTC). BTSync deinstalled, I'm sorry.
  17. Hello, I had the same issue on Windows XP. The problem was originated by files not being renamed correctly after synchronisation was done, remaining files with the extension .syncold and .synctemp I have written a Perl script that does on all machines at scheduled times erase the files with such extensions, on all drives. Then BTSync does resync and the problem disappears: use warnings;use File::Find;use File::Copy;my @froms = ("C:/","D:/","E:/","F:/","G:/","H:/","I:/");foreach $from(@froms) {chdir($from);if (-d $from) {find(\&wanted, $from);}}sub wanted {#$File::Find::dir is the current directory name, #$_ is the current filename within that directory #$File::Find::name is the complete pathname to the file. return if -d $File::Find::name;$File::Find::dir =~ /^$from(.*)/;my $copy_name;$copy_name = "$_";$copy_name =~ s{^.*/}{$1}; # delete up to last slash $compara = &minuscules($copy_name);$arxiu = $File::Find::name;print "$arxiu\n";if ($compara =~ "\\.syncold" || $compara =~ "\\.synctemp") {unlink($arxiu);}}sub minuscules {my $minus = shift;for ($minus) { tr/A-Z/a-z/ }return $minus;}If you wish to try without installing Perl you can try with that compiled one: Use at your own risk - I'm not a programmer!
  18. This is a known issue, replacing files with old versions. Probably you will find the new ones in the .SynArchive folder on the IMac. A good workaround is to "Save As" with a new filename until this behavior is fixed in a future version.
  19. Well, I'm on a very small town (29 habitants) in the mountains. The only internet link is via long distance radio (Wimax), so I'm paying 50€ for 1 mbps, more is not available. I have to share the bandwidth with weather data, email, http and other services... there is no video nor audio streaming possible, and here I have to push also BTSync, it's impossible to make this without an external server. The problem is that most students have a poor or not at all internet connection at home. Only if they access the campus they can connect to eduroam or similar services with laptops or tablets, and they should be able to download to acceptable speed since ther are only few hours a day online. The material I have is not critical, it is mostly not copyrighted, but there are some performances and works made by the students themselves, so probably they are the first interested on some privacy for they school works. Anyway, if the secret is breached, the damage is not very high. If there is something really private, it is uploaded with encryption and strong passwords, and also privacy warnings. In some countries "rural internet" is only an empty word used by politics!
  20. Hello! Well, I started uploading material for the next semester. Lessons begin middle februar, so we have time to prepare all, not only the infrastructure. Such a service is for me very interesting given the small bandwidth I have to upload things. BTW, two secrets (or more) per account will be interesting. Rarely will one secrect, at least for educational purposes, reach 20 GB, so each secret will have 230 GB free. Problem is i such cases more badwidth than storage space, but probably only in such few cases.
  21. Thanks for the tips! I'll follow these steps on a couple of sandbox machines, if that works it is great. If not (probably because I make some mistake, I'm musician and meteorologist, not IT) I'll setup an FTP server and leave the students do some manual work! Thanks for all. Ben cordialment Pere
  22. I had the same issues - gigabytes half uploaded, no transfers. Also problems with short files not finishing syncs. For now I have found a workaround, maybe usefull for the developers to search if it has something to do with concurrent updates: Since I have a server in the LAN, I have configured BTSync on the server with static IP address and opened the firewall for the BTSunc port, but with all methods for connection disabled (no user relay, no use server, no search LAN, no search DHT, no predefined ports. Only the port open and listening. All other machines the same options, except one predefined host, that from the server (domainname + port). This way all machines communicate only with the always on server. Additionally, I fire BTSync on only one machine (except the server) at a time. This machine is not being shut down (ore BTSync closed) until all Sync is done. If I do not respect this point files partially uploaded, present in the same version on other machines (eg. copied with removable media) are not finishing the update until the initiating update machine is back online. This way BTSync works perfect, with large and small files, also often updated. This workaround works for me, maybe can it give some hint on what can go wrong? Otherwise great, great program! Regards Pere
  23. Do you have the "Restore modified files to original version" option enabled?