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The ability to sync folders that contain other sync folders.

The goal is to be able to do a backup of my entire home folder to another machine, but my home folder contains other synced folders.

For instance, I have two machines, a laptop and a desktop. On the desktop I have two hard drives, one dedicated to regular computer operations and the other as a drive to be a receiver for backup copies.

On the laptop, I have this regular sync folder that I use to keep some regular work documents in sync between all machines:


But, I also want to set this folder


as a folder that is synced to the desktop as a backup copy. The desktop gets the read-only key for C:\Users\abcuser and so it is a one-way sync.

But, when I try to do this, I get an error saying that C:\Users\abcuser contains other folders that are already being synced.

I have found a way to work around this by creating a windows softlink, called


that points back to C:\Users\abcuser. But, because the path is different, this way Bittorrent Sync doesn't match it against the other folders and now I can put a read-only key to C:\Users\abcuser_ln on the desktop and now I can get my laptop backing up to my desktop.

However, it would be nice if this was a native feature of the Windows client. It already is a feature in the Android app.

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I'd like more of the functionality of Windows and Mac client included into the Linux GUI. Like Starting and stoping specific syncs (without killing the entire service).

A "Pause" feature to individual syncs.

A way to create a sync.conf file based on a Sync which is already up and running.

Otherwise, this is a kick-ass setup which I will use to replace SpiderOak once it is perfect and I get a iOS app!

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I have collection of many music fx samples and got a problem.

Every time i modify any sample, i would like to keep the modify date after synch.

BitTorrent synch creates copy of the file, with the modification date the same as copy date.

Can we modify modification date or just keep it while transfering files between devices?

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  1. app selfupdate like chrome.
  2. ability to cancel download single file after mistakenly pressed and started download, while auto sync is off.
  3. move function - backup photos (or something else) from mobile (not only), and delete source after successful transferred and verified.
  4. file management inside synapp.
  5. force refresh - noticed that android app was "seeing" files that was removed from mac, they couldn't be downloaded, but also didn't disappeared from list.
  6. export whole/selected folders secrets to file on all kind of device. not only backup settings format, but open text.
  7. if synced folder was removed by file explorer, syncapp will make folder as configured on syncapp folder(task)
  8. GUI .syncignore manager
  9. files download resume, just like a regular BT, right now it doesn't, but redownloading interrupted downloads mac=>android
  10. sync between mobile - if i have 2 android phones, that synced with same mac, they doesn't sync while mac is off, but they should to.

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  1. detect identical files by hash at new sync to avoid duplicates,
  2. and optionally leave only newest version if they are different, and the other one send to archive.
  3. option to set timestamp differences to decide if it old file or edited "almost" at same time and allow keep both just with renaming (counting)

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Since there is a "Secret", i understand that every "traffic" is encrypted, Fine..

But if someone try to Spoof secret, like a "Secret Generator", is the guy will be able to attach to my session and download all my files ??? ( because if someone find my session key, there is no more security), except if i change the secret, but... the guy has enough time to download many files...

Wishlist :

There is a way to limit "maximum sync node", Like i have 2 computer and will not accept more that two ?

Or maybe an option to "Accept new node trying to attach to me ?", before the begin to sync? Like "approuve" node before sync begin ;)

I don't know if i am clear enough ;)

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Feature Request : Generate Links with the key witch open the app. (like e2dk:// links).

For faster and easier adding new keys.

Already implemented


btsync://secret doesn't do anything on my machine (OS X, Safari/Chrome). Does it really register the protocol?

Also, I'd like to encode a default directory as well, to make it easy for my coworkers to add new folders with a single click, like so:


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I have an Idea, but I am not quite sure if the privacy issues are a problem:

1. I put a file in a folder that i share with person X.

2. Person X's btsync-client checks if this file is already in another btsync folder on X's computer.

3. If the file already exists, it is copied directly into the folder.

Problem: I could know if the file is already on the persons computer, if I see that nothing is uploaded but still the folders are in sync.

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1) Selective sync for desktop clients. Specifically - clients should be able to browse the full file list available from all remote shares and then selectively download what is required without doing a full sync.


It would make BT Sync the holy grail of personal file transfer.

Give me a reason to abandon crusty old FTP :-P

Also, Proxy support is a basic requirement for this (HTTP, SOCKS, etc).

Many cannot use BT Sync because some ISP's require their proxy to be used. This is especially true for in enterprise and education.

Proxy support is also useful in order to hide BT Sync traffic. I.e through an SSH tunnel or VPN, etc.

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selective sync would be great

also, in the folder list, right click - open folder would be good (i know open sync archive gets you close but it's not quite)

but, good work guys, really like this program.

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A few weeks since my last wishlist post. I'll repeat a few and add a few:
1) Selective Sync for desktop clients.
2) HTTPS connection for the Linux WebUI.
3) The .SyncIgnore settings should be moved to the GUI. Tweaking text files (especially hidden files on the Macintosh) is tedious.
4) Include the ability to remotely administer the file system through the WebUI - create and delete folders in the remote file system. Also would be nice (but probably beyond the scope of BTSync) to be able to selectively download single files from the remote host via the WebUI. That would be oh, oh, oh so nice for quick web access to your personal 'cloud' when you're on the road and just need a single file. This is different to my earlier request for selective sync. This web-based download would work from any computer, not just one with the client installed. Think of internet cafes, someone else's computer, work computer that happens to not have the client on it.....
5) Mobile app - ability to choose pre-defined hosts, turn off tracker, etc. Also password protection on the app perhaps.
6) Proxy support (eg corporate networks).
7) Have the Linux WebUI re-designed with best practice "responsive design" for mobile client compatibility. The web page is desktop only and doesn't scale well on mobile. Have a look at http://gov.uk/ for an example of amazing responsive page which adapts dynamically to the browser width as the window is resized. Looks great on any size screen. No need for separate desktop and mobile pages - just one page that "responds" to the viewport width.

Another point: I know this was discussed on another thread but the name of this project (and of course the company behind it) has the words "Bit Torrent" in it. The amount of friction I've encountered in the corporate world when I mention this app is huge and it's purely because of the name. When I say FTP I get positive responses from the IT departments, but when I mention "torrenting" work documents around they just flatly refuse and won't even discuss it. I know it's the name of BitTorrent Inc but I honestly think a less obvious name like "BT Sync" would go a long way towards getting it accepted by more conservative IT/corporate players.

Loving it so far, all good. Keep up the good work.

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like in here.

[2013-08-20 20:56:17] Error: 20100102-133406-p1080098_btsync.jpg - Files missing from job. Please recheck.

[2013-08-20 20:56:17] Error: 20100102-133406-p1080098_btsync.jpg - ReadFromDisk: Element nicht gefunden.

It would be very useful to see the full path of a file in the logfile, so the user doesnt need to guess or to search, what file on what share might be the corresponding one.

If the filename is not unique, it will be hard to guess, what file has problems.



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what is needed (not just for wishlist):

1) incoming settings for setting up in a different area other than default 'share' and sync location...

2) ability to setup a specified folder for incoming and/or outgoing syncing... this would allow people to setup a outgoing share sync on a folder as well as a incoming only sync folder, as well as folder that can default to do both incoming and outgoing syncing. (too allow extra protections and better control of sync folders)

3) ability to setup a sync that works from a 'secret' setup without being forced to save to a single pre-picked folder in no-mans land data files that are a pain to get to or access without using BTSync.

4) setup each folder to have separate settings from other folders as far as download/sync times during a given day/day per week/week per month... if someone wants to setup a specific download/sync for time and day and specified time of week and month, similar to some download apps.

5) better explained settings in preferences for general setup of BTSync, such as changing if you want the program to start with windows or to start and run at certain times of the day or night.

this should include the ability to keep or change base default locations for setting up/deleting sync folders and/or sync files from those folders.

including nesting of folders if someone wants to create a form of determination on what content from a specific source will go to a specific folder, to help keep things organized such as video/pics/audio/music/games/apps/etc..

6) keep records of what is downloaded from where (on the cloud) incase something happens and someone needs to redownload/resync files... (HDD dies, connection issues causing errors with files, etc.) this way sync files can be recovered once connections/sync is re-established.

7) ability to turn some safeguards on or off, if someone wants faster sync over safesync. or possibly levels of safety with increase decrease to performance.

i may have a few more things later, but these are things that are needed now.

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not sure if this has been requested yet, but a "Sync Now" option on tray icon menu would be nice, to force update when you need it to instead of waiting for the next sync. also some way to force re-scan of the sync folders too would be great.

and i know there's another thread for this, but being able to handle symlinks on Linux would be great. on Windows it currently follows hardlinks and junctions just fine.

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